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tv and violence in society, is tv the cause or the result?

Still many people believe that tv is the cause of violent behavior, but I dont think that is exactly right. I think tv is just the reflection of the society.

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    Mar 21 2011: whether its Tv or music, none of it has any impact on violence. it has all to do with present human nature, and values. just like i keep telling peopel that their are no such thing as peer-pressure, its all human ego. overall the world is witnessing the lackof love, where people would do anything to satisfy this longing love the basic fabric of human comfort. however, as parents we must show our children love and, mostly teach them to love them self so they could love mankind. for me Tv and music is nothing but entertainment, to laugh and cry and move on until the other piece is viewed or listened.
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    Mar 19 2011: I think violence is natural. T.V is not the cause or the result
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      Mar 20 2011: Q. How violent was the world before TV??? I dont think we were better!!
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      Mar 20 2011: In a fairly recent TED talk, Steven Pinker argues rather convincingly that the world is actually less violent than it used to be. I think TV perpetuates violent modes of conflict resolution.
  • Mar 20 2011: You should read Jerry Mander's book '4 Arguments For the Elimination of Television'. He argues that due to the way in which television presents media that it can only be used to present particular types of media- fast paced, highly expressive (aka violent, sexual) images. Television has, because of it's limitations, created a society in which people are willing to consume vast quantities of imagery which never before in our culture would have been acceptable or considered anything less than vulgar and beneath us. More to the point he goes on to make a case for that television causes violence in people by suppressing the natural physical reactions you would experience if what you were seeing were real. your mind has to learn to resist action. This causes a surplus of stored energy which over time must play out in one way or another, In my life it plays out when my children watch 'The Last Airbender' cartoon, and when it's over, beat each other up. I wont get into all the reasons why I know this is caused by watching the show, and all shows, but I will highly recommend reading the book.
  • Mar 17 2011: A lifetime of exposure to violent images causes one to become desensitised to the reality of these acts. Years ago, people were horrified to read about or watch such things. Now it's just another day of bad news. We talk more about the commercials than the actual news. It's no longer "only a movie". It's our life.