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Do 'Adults' even understand the impact of 'Facebook' on teen's minds?

I'm 17 years young, and a daily user of Facebook myself.
I wish to touch upon the worrying lack of care, or even knowledge to the effect this 'cyber world' is having on the minds of teens.
Is it because we don't speak up, or is it because we must learn for ourselves?
I have 'cyber popularity' i.e 50+ likes on any photo, or status I put up and 1000+ 'friends'. Facebook has created a 'delusional hierarchy' - I call it. We have sub-cionsiously created categories that we are placed into via shallow, deprecating opinions and dogma. No wonder depression is rising. Something I do not think adults have assimilated is the fact that this, 'cyber world' has pushed itself into the real world.
My 'cyber popularity' wasn't just on Facebook, it was in every mall, and party I attended. People thought they knew me, and pretended to be my friends. I do not write this to boast or brag, I write this to question, do adults really understand the crippling impact Social Networking sites are having on the minds of teens? It is installing judgement, categorization of humans based on interests and looks, depressing in their minds, but teenagers themselves have created this..
Is this 'overly simple' access to a huge number of minds and teenagers of similar age a good thing, or should we be worried for the future generations to come, are these installed judgements and created dogma of the teenager society going to linger in their minds and lives forever?
What can we do to stop this?
Do the creators care?
Or do we have to learn form ourselves?
If parents and adults are aware, why is there such a lack of action?
If 'don't go on Facebook' is all a parent or adult can say, does that not leave us helpless to the crippling effects, will you stand around and watch as it poisons their minds?

I write notes on my Facebook similar to this, more than 75 teenagers have agreed, and even known themselves of this growing effect, but what can we do?


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  • Jul 16 2012: let me ask u sth even if im only 13 i think ull think im ... crazy or sth
    what do u want to be when u grow up if u tell me the answer i can tell u the answer to the facebook thing

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