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What should the revolutionized Education System be like?

By now you must have experienced some faults in education system that you have been a part of. Or perhaps if you are fortunate you may have never been in an education system. Whatever may be the case, what do you think the revolutionized Education system should be like? What is your idea of a better educational system? And what do you think are the deficiencies in the current system? What should we, as a society, expect from Education system?
Education is an ongoing process. But education system does not seem to encourage this process. As Sir Ken Robinson has pointed out in this talk, is it not that aim of this education system is to create employees? Is it not that the education system reflects what we as a society put emphasis on. Perhaps it is time that we should get out of temporary influences and create education system that would not be an end unto itself but a stepping stone for a more evolved life.
What then do you think we must include in such a system? What should its characteristics be like? What should it must have and what should it must not include? Your thoughts on education system..Discuss!


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  • Jul 12 2012: An intersting and well posed question. I agree that the current education system in North America produces the kind of 'educated peopele' that corporations want it to. Corporations lobby governments and grant money to institutions in such a way as to control the 'output' of the system to meet their needs to increase their wealth and power' and for the most part, 'we the people' follow along happily so we can successfully join the consumer society they have created around us. The vast majority of us behave like sheep, relly, and that is something for another discussion.
    I'm not certain we are past the point where change to the educational focus of our Universities (Degree Factories) can be made in the way that I think you (and I), amonst many others, would like to see.
    But, your question asks specifically that. What changes should be made,
    First, I'm not sure that I agree with the 'nurturing' approach being taken in our pre-schools and elementary schools. Not that I disagree with finding ways to help and to guide less gifted learners, but,(and even though I am one of the less gifted), I truly believe that to a great extent, learning is an acquired discipline, and it needs to be taught at the entry level. I would support a revitalised focus on the 'three r's" in elementary and secondary schools. Kids today, though they may be exceedingly bright, no longer know how to read and write. How we'll overcome the influence of Facebook and 'texting' in that regard, I don't know.
    There's no question that our kids need to be prepared to enter our increasing technoliogical world, But I think there also needs to be a greater emphasis on the humanities. I've noticed in my own kid's education that school days have become significantly shorter than when I was in school, that 'homework' receives less emphasis, and ther are more 'hlidays' in the form of PD Days. I think this should change.

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