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What should the revolutionized Education System be like?

By now you must have experienced some faults in education system that you have been a part of. Or perhaps if you are fortunate you may have never been in an education system. Whatever may be the case, what do you think the revolutionized Education system should be like? What is your idea of a better educational system? And what do you think are the deficiencies in the current system? What should we, as a society, expect from Education system?
Education is an ongoing process. But education system does not seem to encourage this process. As Sir Ken Robinson has pointed out in this talk, is it not that aim of this education system is to create employees? Is it not that the education system reflects what we as a society put emphasis on. Perhaps it is time that we should get out of temporary influences and create education system that would not be an end unto itself but a stepping stone for a more evolved life.
What then do you think we must include in such a system? What should its characteristics be like? What should it must have and what should it must not include? Your thoughts on education system..Discuss!


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  • Jul 12 2012: Just coming out of the school system i believe that have not learn to my potential. the only class that i enjoyed and was able to formula my own ideas and be able to hear other peoples ideas. It was a class that i took my senior year it was a refections on life class now the it was the first time that the tacher was teaching that class and their was not lesson plan so every day he would give use a topic for us to wright about like what is the meaning to life and we would spend ten mins wrighing then every one would share their ideas and then the class would debate and combine their theories. I believe that this is the best way to expand a persons mind because the teacher would not talk that much and just let the students talk things out and for new ideas as a group. on other days we would watch ted videos and then discus them in class on how that impacts the world around us and how it effects us. this is how i believe the school system should be set up because it does not give a lesson plan on every think just like life you cant be ready for any thing so learn the basics then expand you mind just like that class. this should not be done by the government because they are to far out of touch on how people work now a days and they have failed with this generations education. this way induces creativity in witch every one need and most people lack now a days.

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