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TED made me believe something!

I was in 15 , I read an opinion about god.The opinion's owner is "Said Nursi"
He says :
"I believe in God. And human's nature is my proof. There is a impetus in human's nature.All humans think and must think about god, and already , all of them do.
This impetus make us think about god and search for it and find out who's it.There is a god so we search it , we search for a god because this impetus make us search it , and this impetus exists because there is a god.
In summary, God sent us this world and wanted from us to find itself. And we do , we are trying to pass this exam , the main exam for all.some people pass it , some cant pass it, but that is obvious ; everyone enters this exam , no another way.If someone is sent to this world and has a soul , s/he search for god, can't block and control that impetus.This is human's nature so God is real.And god create a reason to activate this impetus. "(this is not the orginal writing, i memorized the meaning and i wrote it in english, here)
I read , I thought, I checked myself, I couldnt find any impetus or feeling like that.
I thought he was wrong , if i have no that impetus, I am not in that exam, probably the other people dont have that.
I spent my time playing call of duty, it was funnier than searching who is god.
But now 5 years later, I had a TED account a few days ago, I entered this site, while I was scanning the new quetions, I saw something on left "POPULARTOPİCS" and under it "GOD". I clicked, the first question was that " WHO İS GOD?"
I read and saw many comment and opinion.
I noticed ,actually, all these people searching for god.I remembered "said nursi" and his word.And suddenly, with an interesting feeling or something like that, I thought God, I wanted to search, know and learn more details about God.
Now I think Said is right, I'm in an exam, having a TED account is the reason, now I'm waiting for night to watch the stars to understand the God better.
What do you think?Is he right?am I on right way?

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  • Jul 16 2012: TED just reminded me said and his word.That was only a spark.I was already believing in God.Due to TED I started to think about god.I must use my logic in finding a God, so I can prove the God to myself and improve my faith.As to promoting my own believes, why everyone is supposing I am trying that?If someone isnt searching for your beliefs or isnt asking for it, it is really very bad idea that is "missionize them". Trying to make someone to believe your beliefs -if the topic is religion or god- can be very dangerous, people may get far from god instead of getting close to God.Everyone must know that; Except God, no one can prove the God to another completely,if we were able to do it, human's main purpose would have no importance.Believing in god needs some diffculties: firstly God must give some light , some opportunities, some curious then human must search it.If I try "proving God to someone" in wrong time, It can close the last gate completely.
    Without reason I dont need to try make someone believe in god, And the reason can be only that if someone ask you for your beliefs.But I think sharing your opinions or experiences mustn't be a problem.On the other hand said says " All of your words must be the truth,But all of your truths mustn't be your word!"
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      Jul 16 2012: OK .ömer...good start.
      TED "reminded" you of something....TED did not make you believe something.

      It is very clear that you were "already believing in God". I agree with you that it is good to find logic in a belief, and to discover something, we need to be open minded. It does not appear that you are open minded to the possibility that there may not be a god. So, it is clear that you are trying to improve your faith, as you say. You are trying to reinforce your existing faith, rather than trying to find logic. That is why people are questioning your motive for starting this thread. There is nothing wrong with trying to reinforce your beliefs, and it is not necessary to do that with contradicting intention.

      Simply start a conversation that clearly says "I am trying to reinforce my existing beliefs". You don't need to go around in circles to do that! I totally agree...it is bad idea to "missionize" or "try to make someone to believe your beliefs". We DO all know that, which is why your intent is being questioned. You are absolutey right..."If I try "proving God to someone" in wrong time, It can close the last gate completely".

      Fundamentalists/extremists/religious enthusiasts "close the last gate completely", and do a lot of damage in our world.
      • Jul 16 2012: Sorry.I will be more careful and try to see my writings from others' eyes and write my writings clearly or not, for a better world.(I must add 2000charecter limit as a reason for mixtures.)(And I msut add possiblity of not existing for a God brought me the same conclusion.)Thanks for correcting and criticizing me.
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          Jul 16 2012: I'm not criticizing you or your beliefs ömer.

          You write..."As to promoting my own believes, why everyone is supposing I am trying that?"

          I'm simply offering an answer to your question.

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