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Nikola Tesla, the greatest scientist we have ever seen?Do you agree?

Yesterday was the great scientist Nikola Tesla's Birthday .
The person who invented alternating current and person behind many inventions which we are not aware of . However , he didn't live the life he deserved for his imagination and intelligence.
My question is simple . Do you feel Tesla was one of the greatest scientists we have ever seen ? To know more about him :


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    Jul 17 2012: I believe Tesla was the greatest hands on scientist ever, while some probably feel Einstein and others deserve that title more, but I think it is like apples and oranges. Tesla had a gift for making his imagination tangible, while other great minds used their imagination to create blue prints for others.
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    Jul 11 2012: Without a doubt. The man was playing with remote controlled boats in 1898. Invented radio, and didn't even think it was important. Marconi got credit for it for decades, while Tesla thought "I'm pretty sure I had that patent in a drawer somewhere"... Wireless power transmission. The man who caused an earthquake in New York. Not just the greatest Scientist we've ever seen, but possibly the greatest man we've ever seen.

    We did not treat him well... But, to be fair... he did shake the city of New York, I think anywhere but America he would have spent the rest of his life in jail after that one. We'd certainly put him in jail today. We were a really crazy country back then, and it was awesome : p

    Rudolf Diesel was a really amazing engineer that wasn't treated very well also. The Diesel engine was designed not just as an incredibly powerful transportation device, but it was meant to run on ethanol. He wanted human beings to reconnect with the land, and farm for their fuel. use it spairingly. He wanted to build a middle class that farmed fuel, which also backed up our food supply. May not have worked, a lot of people worked against him... Great man, and scientist though.

    Henry Ford was alright too... His original designs were for panels made of hemp, which were safer, lighter, and easier to make, than modern counterparts. Lotus just made a Hemp car. Another plan to create middle class farming jobs with non food farm production. All of these things were a threat to food prices at the time, but we also had untilled land, now we can build vertical farms. Luckily, he was actually treated well, made a fortune, and paid his workers hallmark wages.

    Some people might argue for Da Vinci over Tesla, but that's nonsense, the modern world may never have come into existence without Nikola Tesla.
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    Jul 20 2012: He found a way to supply the world with limitless, clean and affordable energy. He is one of my great hero's along with Michio Kaku, Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan, Einstein and Brian Cox.
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    Jul 15 2012: There is no doubt that the mind of this man should be considered in the pantheon of the greatest
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    Jul 11 2012: What is the intention of your question? What would it mean to you if someone agreed?
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      Jul 12 2012: The intention of this debate is to just honour Nikola Tesla as it was his birthday on 10th July ... It is just a tribute to Nikola Tesla...
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        Jul 12 2012: Ok, I understand now. Thank you for your explanation.
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        Jul 13 2012: Come to think of it... It is almost strange that there isn't a Nikola Tesla day... At least in the US... But, what phenomenal holiday to make a worldwide event... I mean, we all use electricity, and motors.

        We should have something like the Worlds Fair on this day every year. Or a science fair for crazy adults...
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          Jul 14 2012: Definitely , Tesla did not live a luxurious life when he lived.... Imagining a world without electricity was impossible .... He even had a vision about alternate sources of energy at a time when we had natural resources in abundance...
          Hope this conversation creates more awareness.... Tesla deserved more credit ,than just being a unit of magnetic field strength....
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    Jul 11 2012: I'd definitely say he was one of the best, though skeptical of some things such as the earth quake in New York as stated below, many things could be exaggerated as an earthquake.
    He certainly shaped the modern world, though Newton, Einstein and Darwin would all be very good contenders for the top spot as well.
    I also think it's a little unfair to rank scientists, as some fields as you know have more of an impact on society than others and if you only base their contribution to society for whether or not they were a great scientist you're in danger of glossing over some other great thinkers.
    But no he definitely was a great thinker.
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    Jul 11 2012: Tesla also wanted to communicate with the outer space and he also had a vision about what should be our next course of action if there were no more forests or all our natural resources dried up from :

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      Jul 20 2012: Off topic from your question, but supposedly Tesla was born in a lightning storm ? I am a bit curious if somehow the charged particles in the air, had some sort of effect on the development of his brain, which made him more in tune with electricity. A bit out there I know, but it almost seems it was kismet the way he entered the world.