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Is there any use of attending so and so workshops claiming to change life ?

Now a days,we come across a chance to attend large number of workshops claiming to change the life,i want to know does that make any difference in reality,i want to know the experience of peoples over here after attending any such workshops

  • Jul 12 2012: I take a simple and practical approach.

    If my life was miserable, I would find help wherever I could, perhaps at a workshop.

    If you are content, why bother? Most of these workshops have a fee, and there is never a guarantee.
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    Jul 11 2012: It is good to attend workshops that would be intellectually enriching and equally inspiring.
    Caution is neccessary, because there are so many decievers out there, one has to be very careful to check the credentials of the presenters or lecturers.

    However they should not be seen as the saving formula for life and living. No seminar would bring any meaningful change in one's life without hard work, planning, and persistence.
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    Jul 19 2012: You never know who or what may resonate with you or ignite some spark of understanding. It's good to explore. But as Feyisayo cautions, there's a lot of shysters out there, and almost always the bulk of any effort has to come from within yourself. I think a much less expensive (free) alternative would just be to keep reading TED pages. :)
  • Jul 12 2012: Hi,

    Nothing comes with a guarantee tag.

    If you want assurance then only your efforts can assure you success.

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