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What is Your BIG IDEA in just 6 WORDS?

Imagine if we could summarize our BIG ideas in 6 words and share them widely? Imagine the support, help and co-operation that can result from it! Let's spread those IDEAS even more!

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    Jul 24 2012: Big idea? In 6 words!!?? hmm - how about this?

    Topology is the engine of life.
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      Jul 24 2012: NOW we want/need/would like to know more! Will you share more about topology Mitch?
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        Jul 24 2012: Ah yes - topology defines the paths of all energy conversions.

        It is life that defies entropy. It is the topology of life that channels energy flows in ever-increasing complexity to regain what entropy would disperse.

        It is topology that enables living systems to convert energy into more living systems. From the shapes defined by DNA to the blood vesels that transport potential energy to cells to the branches of trees increasing surface area to capture more light to the very dynamic of a nervous system giving life to the metaverse - all convergence and distribution feeding off the energy made and lost through entropy, each finding new levels of reality in which to evolve.

        And yet, entropy will ultimately have its way - and it must, the halt of entropy is the halt of all. Some radiation will go to space, if it all goes to space, everything stops in thermal death, if it is captured 100% everything also stops.

        Topology is the thing that tells energy what to do. LIfe is topology.
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        Jul 28 2012: @Darina,

        Yes the simple things have the heart of elegance and beauty .. this is the dance in which we can observe and participate at teh same time.

        Yes - but Publishers are meta-things .. pioneers in new universes, building bridges and killing natives. There are perils.

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