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What is Your BIG IDEA in just 6 WORDS?

Imagine if we could summarize our BIG ideas in 6 words and share them widely? Imagine the support, help and co-operation that can result from it! Let's spread those IDEAS even more!

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  • Jul 16 2012: a portable personal knowledge management architecture & framework ;)
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      Jul 16 2012: It sounds like you are bringing it to life? Care to share more details Sean?
      • Jul 17 2012: Certainly, Darina. Though I'm afraid that I don't have any work to show about it, immediately - one could say, it's in the design phase - perhaps I can at least denote some of the items I've been looking at, in regards to "the big idea".

        First of all, there's the Liferay portal - http://www.liferay.com/ - it could be extended with custom portlets. There are already a number of standard and third-party portlets available for Liferay, as well. It's a sort of web service and user interface framework with - I'd say - quite a mature architecture.

        Then there's the example demonstrated of Cohere, sort of a topic map management platform - http://cohere.open.ac.uk - also a free/open-source software product.

        Somewhere in the lower-level concepts, there's the Web Ontology Language (OWL) and the OWL API for Java. I think that it could be integrated into Liferay's existing knowledge management framework, along with some other existing work - such as Apache Stanbol and Maui Indexer, for instance - and something for making neat graphs with, maybe the D3 JavaScript library, or something in Google Web Toolkit.

        Lately, though, I've begun to pursue a bit of a sidebar of a kind, in studying the Common Lisp programming language, again, and specifically, a Java application known as ABCL, a sort of bridge between Common Lisp and Java. I've always found Common Lisp more fun to write code in, honestly. I only hope that my brief digression about it may ultimately serve to contribute back to that knowledge management model.

        I can share a bibliography, as well, if anyone would request - I'd managed to find some intriguing whitepapers about Knowledge Management, via Google Scholar. It's for that that I know I cannot claim ownership to concepts of personal knowledge management. I only hope that I'll be able to contribute some useful ideas for it, in time. Cheers, and thank you for your interest!

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