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What is Your BIG IDEA in just 6 WORDS?

Imagine if we could summarize our BIG ideas in 6 words and share them widely? Imagine the support, help and co-operation that can result from it! Let's spread those IDEAS even more!

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    Jul 11 2012: Bacteria is always growing, yield life.
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      Jul 11 2012: Thanks Carolina! Now we want to know more! DO share!
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        Jul 13 2012: If we saw things as bacteria an aspect of life that will always be a part of us for it is us, constantly evolving and reshaping beneath our noses. A duplication and growth that never stops, then maybe we can become more willing to accept things that aren't definite. Embrace all that is different in life because essentially it is all the same. Everything is united and like bacteria everything is growing in a familiar speed in need of another. I guess its a metaphor for life. we are all the same. we all solve together. We adapt we grow and perhaps we will all love. Then we can all enjoy life for everything it offers, by not limiting ourselves to only what we know or what we feel comfortable with. By not limiting ourselves with being racist or prejudice, and by not limiting our humanity stripping it from its dignity by separating ourselves through our differences. we are all bacteria in a beautiful mass of soil, so let us grow together instead of setting each other apart. Seeing growth is inevitable, so lets make it positive for a richer life and grow together like the bacteria we are. Our lives are full with a type of certainty. It's one that we tend to create that isn't attributed to personality, moreover it has to with humanity's evolvement. Our brain reduces everyday symbols to basic signs we can relate and compare to, in order to understand it in a direct approach. It causes us to have limited perspectives, leading us to a one sided life style. Therefore its time to modify the way humanity evolves. Abstain from a society that isn't open to new things, to change, or understand ideas that we don't necessarily agree with. It is understandable to be uncomfortable with the unknown for it threatens to shake up our stability. but we must move forward to a better tomorrow where one simply enjoys life without our personal restrictions.
        Remember that we are bacteria, together like corresponding parts in the scheme to understand our existence.

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