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What is Your BIG IDEA in just 6 WORDS?

Imagine if we could summarize our BIG ideas in 6 words and share them widely? Imagine the support, help and co-operation that can result from it! Let's spread those IDEAS even more!

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  • Jul 11 2012: Fetus becomes human, human becomes angel
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      Jul 11 2012: Game set and match. What of value can I add after that?
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      Jul 11 2012: Adrian, I have noticed that angels are a big part of your theology. Do you have a primary source or reference for this belief? Please understand this as a very sincere belief because I have almost no recollectin of this assertion in regular religious texts.
      • Jul 11 2012: Debra, you're absolutely right (about 'my' theology). And any questions regarding it are much appreciated.
        The usual religious notion is that angels were created separate from us humans, but I have no idea what that is based on. We do, however, believe that the position of angels is certainly higher than our position as humans, but should be seen as our goal. We are here to become angels.
        One thing that comes to mind is a situation in the OT where someone realizes he just met an angel and wants to pray to that angel. At which point the angel stops him and says, I am one like you, do not pray to me but only to God.

        Our theology is based on the OT, the NT and the Writings by (or through) Emanuel Swedenborg. Those writings we see as the promised Second Coming. It opens the spiritual level of the Bible, so there are no more contradictions or mysteries.
        The most popular book of the Writings is Heaven and Hell. If you do want any answers about angels (or devils).. that's the place to go.
        Debra, I have absolutely no doubt you are a very sincere person and also regard your questions as such, I love them.
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          Jul 11 2012: Thank you Adriaan for that satisfying answer!

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