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What do you love?

The explanation for this question is rather concise and elementary for one simple reason: "love" is an arbitrary term. Some might read this question as "What do you enjoy?" while others might read it as "What do you hold closest to you?" Though this question encompasses a debatable topic, I am not posting it in the debate section. This is a question, and your answers can be as simple or complex as you wish them to be. You are entitled to your own connotation of "love," and it is no more right and no more wrong that any other definition.

With that in mind, what do you love?

  • Jul 11 2012: praying to my god and read the holly qura`an ,,,,relaxing ,,, reading ,,,,and fell happy when i make people trust them selves :)
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    Jul 16 2012: I love several important people but in terms of loving (colloquial use) things here goes:
    I love books, I love my couch which is terribly comfortable, I love this little blue stone egg I got int he Dominican Republic,my four poster bed. I love some of my cookware, my Japanese maple trees, my university, TED and my new hat and sting bikini - YIKES no one may ever see it but I love it!