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People who can see only what is near their noses are actually blind and deaf. Why are they so sure of that flat screen of their reality?

One may try to share his or her personal experience with others, but there is always someone who denies it, moreover, having absolutely no doubts about whatever may happen to others is always a bluff. He or she knows "better". At the same time the junk that this denying sarcastic person sees on a flat screen of his TV means the world for him/her.

By saying being Blind and Deaf I mean having problems in sensing at least slightly beyond what is "obvious". One may hear every instrument in the orchestra but the rest cannot - this does not mean that the instruments do not exist.


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    Jul 11 2012: Hi Vera...nice to connect again....have not seen you for awhile:>)

    I believe some folks get "stuck" in their own beliefs to the point of excluding everything else, for the simple reason that it is comfortable. To move outside our comfort zone and what we think we "know" is often perceived as a risk. It is sometimes easier to stay in the little, structured reality we have created for ourselves, rather than explore "outside the box".

    I LOVE exploring EVERYTHING, and have been accused here on TED of being on the fence because I do not "fall in line" with one perception or the other! LOL :>)
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      Jul 11 2012: Happy to hear from you, dear Colleen! It is a hard job to stay independent even just to think differently...
      Yes, it SEEMS "easier to stay in the little, structured reality we have created for ourselves, rather than explore "outside the box" but it is not really easy because everyone has a hard work to adjust to the brainless rules and people always break these rules however knowing nothing else. It seems to me that people commonly create their very stiff rules for to break them! It gives more comfort to follow my rules which are usually very harmless to others. Best Regards!
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        Jul 11 2012: Vera,
        Perhaps whatever we get used to, and comfortable with is easier? Remaining "in a box" with certain thoughts, feelings, ideas, opinions and beliefs seems difficult to me. I believe the life experience is a wonderful exploration. Once we are "in the box", the exploration ends, and we think we "know". I simply LOVE exploring life with curiosity, and would never deny myself that opportunity, because exploring with an open mind and heart seems so much more natural to me:>)
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          Jul 11 2012: Well, I love to be challenged, even if I have to constantly challenge myself when life spares me for some short period of time.

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