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People who can see only what is near their noses are actually blind and deaf. Why are they so sure of that flat screen of their reality?

One may try to share his or her personal experience with others, but there is always someone who denies it, moreover, having absolutely no doubts about whatever may happen to others is always a bluff. He or she knows "better". At the same time the junk that this denying sarcastic person sees on a flat screen of his TV means the world for him/her.

By saying being Blind and Deaf I mean having problems in sensing at least slightly beyond what is "obvious". One may hear every instrument in the orchestra but the rest cannot - this does not mean that the instruments do not exist.


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    Jul 11 2012: Well, I'm with you in terms of seeing lots of nonsense, repetitive tricks and ideas, and just simply loud junk in arts, as the majority understands Arts. Funny as it is - I am an artist myself. I stay intentionally away from those "arts". I call Glenn's quot controversial.

    I trust that Glenn Gould means that only creative ways is the best form to communicate and coexist. However, this is only possible for the most rare great artists in arts, sciences, philosophy and in all sorts of sound craftsmanship .

    I do mean that in order to be great in any filed one has to be a daring, authentically creative artist. The arts we know is so slaving for "historical" "important" descriptions and stupid fame that it is degraded to the point O, in innovation and meaningful creativity. I have been working on human perceptions since I remember myself....

    I have come to the point NO MATTER HOW GOOD OR BAD WE ARE IN CREATING OUR REALITIES WE MUST BE ARTISTIC for the sake of survival in the endless turmoils of Change. Our only way to somehow survive and evolve is to use our abilities in adjusting in our ever changing environment. It is this quint essential art, no living creature can avoid as long as it lives. Well, I understand Art differently, not as commonly as many people do. We are already a society of artists and loots of us are horrifically bad artists.

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