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People who can see only what is near their noses are actually blind and deaf. Why are they so sure of that flat screen of their reality?

One may try to share his or her personal experience with others, but there is always someone who denies it, moreover, having absolutely no doubts about whatever may happen to others is always a bluff. He or she knows "better". At the same time the junk that this denying sarcastic person sees on a flat screen of his TV means the world for him/her.

By saying being Blind and Deaf I mean having problems in sensing at least slightly beyond what is "obvious". One may hear every instrument in the orchestra but the rest cannot - this does not mean that the instruments do not exist.


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    Jul 11 2012: Good to hear from you! Thank you so much for your great post! I believe that no living form has the same reality as others. Years ago as a little art student, I came to this conclusion: no one can sense a thing unless one constantly compares his sensations, images, thoughts etc., in order to create a composition of "things" we have to Select from what we perceive into a group of "things" or details. Then we focus our emotional/mental attention on whatever attracts us the most. We must Frame what we observe in our own order, putting everything else on a vague background, just like we do in classical paintings. In order to apply our logic and see some connections we have to limit our observations, Frame them, or otherwise our logic would disappear in the endless ocean of everything, like a tiny fish.... .

    This is what I think about reality in general - we are creators of our realities. Whether we are good, fantastic or very poor artist, we are all given Our Perceptions as artist's "tools".

    I trust that we have superb Primary subconscious perceptions and very limited Secondary, "physical" perceptions. These Secondary perceptions additionally digest our reality through our physical bodies. This process limits our subconscious perceptions and create what we call our "physical" reality. It is a poor secondary reality. I rendered a picture of a mind and my sketch showed how I explained a mind's "geography" and I also pointed why some blockage from bodily corporeal perceptions can Not open for us different, more augmented perception of reality . I understand that some drugs can do some little job toning down crude physical perceptions, releasing our deep very powerful subconscious sensations.

    Sorry, This conversation will be closed in a few hours. We can open a similar one.

    I like this provocative quote by Glenn Gould: "In the best of all possible worlds, art would be unnecessary...The audience would be the artist and their life would be art." OK
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      Jul 11 2012: Hmm, I would probably fail big time in Glenn Gould's perfect world scenario, as art does not reveal itself to me today. On the contrary. Art always leaves me even more uncertain about it's 'message' than any other form of communication I am able to access. Especially modern art is coded in a way I do not decipher at all, as it tends to avoid any symbol I might grasp. A red suare on white canvas just doesn't resonate in me. As it can mean anything it reduces itself to nothing in my perception. And if it makes a sting vibrate in my mind the chances of knowing that this very string was meant by the artist equals to zero. This way no message reaches me whatsoever.

      I am an art illiterate because the number of options are blurring any initial intention, which makes the compass needle spinning for all times.

      In such a world I would constantly bump into things and would finally diffuse into nothingness. If this was the purpose, I would ask for exile.

      So my antenna is either to plain or to twisted to receive anything useful to me out of this pink-noise of art, that's why I prefer conversation and reading to get a better understanding of another mind.

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