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Retirement: A Myth or Reality?

It is a Myth for most, which forces them to work on a "JOB" until they die!

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    Jul 19 2012: Retirement is a reality but only after death.
  • Jul 12 2012: Retirement would be found as a myth to those who are not wise enough to work hard when they are young, in order to prepare themselves to retirement. Most of us think about retirement and cannot actually picture ourselves as old and not as strong anymore. we convince ourselves that "everything will be alright". However, the truth is that one who truly wants to retire with dignity and happiness would have to put an effort when is still young.

    We live in a generation that self-gratification is a first priority. We spend lots of money to fulfill an inner void and impress our friends. We certainly do not put enough thought in order to organize our financial-state wisely. The key for me (and for many others) is saving money as much as I can NOW, when I'm still young (yes, it means that I do not shop once a week, not even once a month!), and investing it, thus, creating a situation wherein my money creates more money for me!
    There are lots of books which engaged in this topic, I highly recommend. Those who are interested, wouldn't only do the right thing, rather, would open themselves to a very interesting and thought-provoking realm.

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    Jul 11 2012: With the increase in Expenses , retirement is only a myth... since whatever you save for now will be a small amount 20 yrs down the line....
    Its more important to get into a business which gives you revenue after retirement
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    Jul 10 2012: I don't know what proportion of people work in a paid job until death, but I think for many, and I would have thought most, the mix of compensated and uncompensated activity changes. Many people keep almost as busy in "retirement" as they ever were.