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what kind of music do you like? and where do you enjoy it?

music could be the closet friends to us. sometimes it is better to know the person's music if you would like to know this person.
tell us your fondest music type, the places where you enjoy,and leave your age if you don't mind~

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    Jul 10 2012: Howdy
    Well must be getting old seams like classic rock classic country are top 2 I listen to. I like most all music never got were I listen to rap or opera and a lot of the new country is pain full to hear. I think you can learn a little about someone by the types of music. I believe the more they listen to the more app to have a wider range of topics to talk about.
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    Jul 10 2012: I love songs with mainly stringed instruments(harps, violins, guitars) and soft beats. Usually soft rock, some kind of pop(some do make me uncomfortable) and ballads.
    I love the song 'Sometimes' by Britney Spears; I love the UK boyband 'Blue', I love Michelle Branch.
    I'm a fan of Atomic Kitten, lighthouse Family, Jamali, and all the songs by Westlife or Backstreet Boys. My favourite song is 'One Minute' by Mary Mary.
    Zoegirl, Simon Webbe and Alicia keys are also favourites.

    A few years ago, I was a Radio DJ, and I usually try to persuade my producer to allow me to play some of my favourites.
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    Jul 10 2012: Hello Regina,

    I am 43 and like any music which is able to resonate within me. There is no specific genre or place or time I prefer to enjoy it. More like different levels of concentration, openness and attitude which changes my perception of music.

    I would not always agree on your idea in getting to now someone better by knowing about this persons preferences in music, as I have made quite obscure experiences by that. What you only compare is your 'resonance' of this music, which does not need to align with the 'resonance' of another person to the same song. But this view may be related to my believe that it is not possible to ever know another person at all and for all times.