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How do we make a kickstarer/crowdfunding website for innovators from the developing nations ?

Kickstartr is largely a concept that services creative ideas. Majority of the users are American or from developed nations. A bigger majority of the ideas on kickstarter are American ideas. How does one build a website for the 'world' to use as a platform for crowd funding and support for innovative ideas ?


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  • Jul 9 2012: Kickstartr seems to be open to any project and any idea. Why it cannot be used by people anywhere in the world to promote their ideas?

    Many users from US and other developed nations are in better position financially to help with projects from developed nations. So I think this is a great opportunity for those projects to succeed?

    Do we really need separation of projects and ideas from developed and developing nations?
    • Jul 9 2012: Not currently. From Kickstarter's FAQ:

      To be eligible to start a Kickstarter project [...]

      —You are a permanent US resident with a Social Security Number (or EIN).

      IndieGogo seems to be more open, even if it only operates in USD.
      • Jul 9 2012: This is currently the limitation of the payment method I think.

        However Kickstartr says that:

        "We’re working hard to open up to more countries. If you’ve been waiting, we really appreciate your patience."

        So hopefully people from other countries will be able to join soon. cheers
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          Jul 11 2012: Correct, it's just the payment system - the user has to have an Amazon.com payments account in order to receive payments (it is verified through Amazon through a US bank, etc.). I've just completed a campaign on there myself.

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