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EarthTower One! A 20 Mile High Pyramid will be the Tallest & Largest Robot Made Object; Containing the Highest & Biggest Telescope on Earth!

ET1 will be the result of the efforts of people around the world, build and operated by automated systems. ET1 is a Work-In-Progress, Open Source Project Sponsored by the Not-For-Profit Experimental High Altitude Platform Organization (XHAP.org). HELP?!

To allow for high winds, ET1 will have mostly an open frame except above the jet stream. The building of ET1 will start as a single pyramid section, 1/8th mile tall and 1/4 mile wide at the base. Four telescoping trusses will be assembled, attached to the base at the corners, pointed towards the middle, then affixed to the top of a very large and very heavy duty construction balloon. As the balloon is inflated it will raise each section to its 1/8th of a mile height. With the expanded trusses locked and the balloon deflated, the first section of ET1 will be finished! Only 1.35 million more to go to reach the 20 mile high top!

Four Space Cannons will be mounted from the top downward along the outer edges of ET1 in order to launch Solar Sails and other objects into space. On the top of ET1 will be a 360 rotating platform that will contain thousands of mirrors to project protons from sunlight at the departing Solar Sails. And located within the circle of mirrors, will be largest and highest Earth based telescope that will have a superior view being higher above the Earth's atmosphere than lower ground based telescopes.

Above the jet stream, thousands of solar panels on the outer framework will enclose the top of ET1 to prove work and storage areas and power for both ET1 and the surrounding region. Filters at the upper areas can capture minerals and water to be delivered to ground.

Below the jet stream, hundreds of wind turbines mounted on movable braces to swing out of high wind paths. There will also be hundreds of weather stations, air quality monitors, aircraft radars, radio and Internet transmitters, and even sirens and various types of strobe lights and mirrors will be used to warn birds from flying into ET1.

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  • Jul 9 2012: wouldn't the gravity of the whole thing liquify the base into molten metal? even if it is dispersed it would be too great, wouldn't it also create a imbalance being so tall? seem like a silly idea. I am all for dreaming big, but dreaming this big is like saying humans are too small we must get crazy to be relevant, in the end we will have to demo this thing because it is falling apart, is there a bigger thing happening with this idea, such as an experiment in collective thinking, with no real intention to actually build a 20 mile high 160 mile wide pyramid, after all that is like the distance of Tijuana to Los Angeles,
    does that sound crazy to anyone else? or am I just thinking too small? LOL

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