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Is donating to an educational childrens charity in a developed economy better then donating to help international childrens welfare charity?

I am trying to work out which charity to donate to and found myself thinking if it was better to donate to a local charity thats supports disadvantaged childrens learning, or is it better and more worth while to donate to an international aid charity such as world vision to help starving children that desperately need immediate help to be able to survive.


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    Jul 14 2012: Its fortunate that you are willing to donate, My suggestion would be that you should donate money to organisations working for the betterment of poor children in the developing world, because :
    1) For the same amount, more no of children can be supported.
    2) Its better to provide a starving child food then a well off child with education.
    3) Govt has got other areas of economy to look for, so education may not be priority in developing nation, while in most developed nations educations tops the priority list.

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