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Can we ever look as something without judgement?

I am attempting to challenge a notion we all have engrained into our Head and that is time.
I developed an equation that can calculate time with longitude only and some other variables but simple. When I try to get them in-front of anyone they quickly dismiss it.

I ask you can we ever look at something without judgement?

I know I want to but I know I judge everything no matter what...

Oh if you interested in the equation of time I have a video where I run through 10 problems using simple basic arithmetic. you can amaze friends at the least.

But i have never been called, dismiss and talk too so rudely in my life; while their delivery was polite. Literally as soon as I say I have a more accurate equation for time people actually change their tone and speak to me as I am a child with little understanding.


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  • Jul 9 2012: Looking at something without judgment is not an act of a living thing.
    • Jul 9 2012: Thank you and completely Agree...

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