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Can we ever look as something without judgement?

I am attempting to challenge a notion we all have engrained into our Head and that is time.
I developed an equation that can calculate time with longitude only and some other variables but simple. When I try to get them in-front of anyone they quickly dismiss it.

I ask you can we ever look at something without judgement?

I know I want to but I know I judge everything no matter what...

Oh if you interested in the equation of time I have a video where I run through 10 problems using simple basic arithmetic. you can amaze friends at the least.

But i have never been called, dismiss and talk too so rudely in my life; while their delivery was polite. Literally as soon as I say I have a more accurate equation for time people actually change their tone and speak to me as I am a child with little understanding.

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    Jul 9 2012: I wanted to think about this for a little bit. I have not yet looked at the video cause I wanted this response to not be influenced by it.

    My initial reaction is no, we cannot because we always see new experience through our previous experiences.

    Then I thought about when I have been asked to suspend judgment and look at data with new eyes. While it is difficult, I think that I can do that for some things/subjects. But I probably cannot for others. It is a lot like asking someone to change a belief. Some are easier than others.

    So my suggestion would be to prese nt your information to people you have chosen carefully. Those who work in the discipline would be the last ones you will present to because they might not be able to suspend judgment as easily so start with lay people. Then progress to people who work in the field, and finally to those who study the phenomena.

    I am sorry you are treated rudely but that is kinda how it goes when you challenge an assumption. Try to separate the behavior from what is being said, because the behavior does not matter. Listen carefully to the critique and criticism. It will help you with each subsequent presentation to address previous critiques at the onset of the presentation. If you preface your presentation by addressing criticism, it will look like you did your homework and you will be better received. Each presentation will add new critiques. Keep going until you have addressed all the critiques and you will be ready to publish and get a broader audience of critique.

    It is a process and it does make you better at what you do. You just have to separate it and not take it so personally. If you want to be well received, present it to your mom.
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    Jul 9 2012: I think that judgement is inherent in everything we do because of the way the brain is wired. Fundamentally we ask whether the person is like me or not like me in the very intial contact.
    • Jul 9 2012: I totally agree... How do we attempt to solve this problem?
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        Jul 9 2012: in my opinion, we suspend judgement once we know this while recognizing that stereotypes like this are the way our brain works to reduce cognitive load in a very busy environment. Thus, we use sterotypes with an ever present understanding of where they can go wrong - ie- let them make your day more efficient but stand gurard for when they are wonky. As in a person can often tell from initial contact if they have an aversion to someone. If you do, you must ask yourself and challenge that aversion. Sometimes what your 'gut/' is telling you is highly accurate and will keep you out of danger,, at other times though, it is based on eroneour stereotypes or physical similarities which over generalized. I suggest hanging in with that person in a safe environment, asking lots of appropraite questions if you can and using conscously constructed strategies to get dcloser to the truth of the subject.
        Thanks Joshua, for a really astute question.
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        Jul 9 2012: PS Joshua, I watched your video and I am unqualified to discern whether or not your theory is adequate but even so, I feel there is good logic involved, your math is excellent and I would simply encourage you to remember that it takes awhile for people who were educated in a traditional system to catch on to something new. Remember that most people are not as passionate as you are and passion sort of 'jet propulses' your thinking. I do not intend to compare you to Einstein BUT I would remind you of how grateful we are that he did not give up.
  • Aug 2 2012: Hi, Joshua !

    Check out here

    maybe you'll be interested :)
  • Jul 15 2012: HI,Joshua !
    Maybe your equation is the most literal answer to the everyday trivial question: What is going on Here Now ? Let me describe the ' picture ' I came up with, after watching your videos, not once :)
    Time is not an operator ',Now ' is a snap shot, time stops at here,but 'here' is not a dot it's 2 D line which goes through the center. Events/data are placed along the line and are viewed not in their time/ change development in isolation or in course-effect connection to other events/data through sequence, but being frozen in ALL connections. In this picture the center is everywhere. It's not reality it's a map, that can be used. The line moves to the next Now and we can see the result of the change which took time to occur, but what is important we see the change everywhere in all 'events' all over the line in the most harmonious way with no dissonance.

    What do you think ? Does it have anything in common with your equation ? If not , please be sensitive to my attempt and find the time to show me where's the flaw in my picture. I really try to understand, I don't know why, but I think it's important.

    Thank you very much !
    • Jul 15 2012: I am going to read your post a few times to make sure I see what you are seeing...

      Before that let explain that time is the expression of two different points and the distance associated. The experience of time happens at one point "The NOW".

      The NOW is the determinate of the beliefs that we create. These beliefs are using multiple NOWs to justify the idea.

      The issues we have with now is we are never at 100% accuracy and we blur data and store it as 100% accurate..

      So if you think of someone with glasses who forgot their glasses and witness a murder then called upon to be a witness and they stated This is the ultimate truth but no-one asked if they had their glasses on.

      Just like that situation our brain accepts all input as accurate but between the input and the chemicals the brain releases that affect the sense....

      The issue with this concept is it can answer everything if the appropriate people would just look at it with fresh eyes, sadly the concept would place most of these individuals out of a research job....

      So from the answer we want to unlock in the universe all the way down to the what happens in our brain which as I keep diving into the problem make the human mind nothing more than a processing unit of past experiences.

      I will do another video explaining the now.... will be posted by Tuesday night...
      • Jul 15 2012: OK, so we can find understanding here, I guess. I've just posted in another conversation, that what we think we 'know' is our coherent belief system. The left cerebral hemisphere of our brain is largely responsible for creating a belief system to maintain the sense of understanding, the new input is processed through the pre existed belief system, if it doesn't fit it is denied and and 'mind' continues to collect data that fit or be more precise it makes them such. Taking into the consideration that there is no such thing as uninterpreted fact, it's not that difficult:) The amount of data ( the quantitative value ) serves as a proof that the vision is correct, but it is not
        "The issues we have with now is we are never at 100% accuracy and we blur data and store it as 100% accurate.."

        But right hemisphere , the intuitive mind is constantly challenging the status quo and cognitive dissonance force us to review our belief system. Correct me if i am wrong , you suggest that we can see things through 'intuitve' mind ' without the left brain belief system storage, hence see "with fresh eyes".
        It reminds me " Except you become as little children you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven "

        Correct me if I am wrong , you think that it is possible to make external internally perceivable without attachment to the belief system. To get rid of the illusion of the division of the world 'out there' and 'in here". Is it your pursuit ?

        Thanks !
        • Jul 15 2012: Dead on you have the concept down pat... What current studies state is

          My pursuit is nothing more getting this information out to who ever needs it.

          We know that inaccurate is perceived as truths cause people to act the way they do and need to gain the experiences needed to change belief. Basically locking up someone for an action against the law (Breaking the Law) will do nothing positive.

          The Basic math about time and the proposed notion that space through our eyes inaccurate, will lead us to an accurate 3d virtual representation that we can re-graph in different ways to pull correlations from. The math and concept states that Einstein was inaccurate but close.

          In today's day and age no respectable physics person wants to admit that they never thought to challenge Timespace theory with simple math. Additionally that time and space is restricted by light.

          NOW when we look at the now and how we decide what to perceive data points back to existing data brought into our brain why do we have these choices or the idea of choices.

          When Look at this it seems that our brains are doing nothing more than comparing intensity of the ideas and emotion attached to the data that forms our beliefs.

          My pursuit is to get people to accept that there is not a mystical reason why we do what we do or predetermined chain of events driving everybody but the choice and option are ours.

          We can choose to see and control our world what is in it and what will not be in it solely by accepting what our eyes(senses) has stored inaccurately or view our perfect future in our mind and attach happiness and powerful emotions that will change beliefs of the world because I hold this to be true always testing the accuracy with others to gain the best perspective. We hold the key and it is our for the living...

          I will do an updated video still but Plus submitted to kick starter for a book publishing...
  • Jul 13 2012:

    I know I can get this down to probably ten minutes

    16 Minutes Let me know if it is understandable for those that are interested...

    Sincerely thank you to all that contribute to help me re think and evaluate the perception I currently have.

    Most of these are walk through thought process I normally would never even let my family see this stage but again this is not mine to keep secret. I know if something happened to me I may never have this incite again. I am sorry for the long videos.

    I know I was talking to show my intelligence in the first few videos but that was because I was defending the idea to myself that this was something while I was searching for the missing key pieces of data. The problem is now when do I stop the process and work on it or continue to connect and solve.

    This is a huge concept that connects everything and brings a new understanding and reference for individuals in the industry.
  • Jul 11 2012: Spot on correct, thank you... I need to stop posting at night because I am not comprehending my grammar at all.
  • Jul 11 2012: 111 Back to my syncing analysis and realigning skills.

    saying I am not listening I know this will force them to remove what every lenses they are looking at the world and it is my job to understand which lenses they have on to be the closest to them in time and space. I know every lie i tell someone removes them from my perspective which remove them from my reality and that is not my goal in fact I want to share experience of now with that other person and to do that I need to see what filters you are wearing.

    If we go back to the time line of the conversation If i just said the sky is purple which was in the range of possibilities or the conversation (while on the edge but still an option) instead of I tell people to truth (nearer to a straight line between me and you.)

    would have changed your range of possibilities of answers but it your turn to observer. If you just wanted to continue talking about the old idea instead of my proposed new conversation you would see if your communication force would be able to predict and apply force to navigate my thinking to align with yours perceptive on life and even if you want that person to see life like you do..

    If you can grasp that concept a little you can start taking calculated risk and see if you can achieve an alignment with someone. I do this when someone wants my opinion every time. I force myself to see the world through the range of possibility literally placing different filters on and analyzing every aspect and returning the majority rules reply. This is the actual reason why I stated asking do you really want my opinion or do you already have a thought process and want me to agree or disagree.

    I can not count the time people ask me what do you think and waist my analysis which is a large energy consumption that I was giving to them when they only needed a small part.

    These filters and lenses come in many shapes and sizes and restrict all our senses especially sight which issue with the times concept.
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    Jul 11 2012: Joshua,
    i have been trying to find out a solution for it and kept on practising not to judge a person/thing by just going through the superficial part of it.
    albeit kept on practising a day or two,i end up being the former.
    Its tough task to master but nonetheless nothing is impossible.
    • Jul 11 2012: I find the only time I am not judging someone is when I truly am not listening to them. I know this is bad but I tend to zone out sometime when people want to complain.

      But I have been trying to stop this and start paying someone a compliment. This is my recovery because people can guess when your not listening and will try to test you. I merely interrupt them and say I am sorry I lost had a hard time listening because....COMPLIMENT... and this usually changes the subject to an item that we both enjoy.

      This is not to be rude just a subconscious way I can stimulate their brain to a positive different subject for mutual conversation.

      Another Item I do is when someone ask for my opinion if they know me or not. I state do you want my honest opinion or do you want me to agree. This help me to place myself in the right context but I do take a moment to clear my head and put on my Hypothetical thinking cap or earmuff with thumbs up which one they requested..

      I know people are inherently good and my particular idea i am asking people to review and either accept or deny has to be verified accurate by a certain profession. And if anyone from that profession accepts this as accurate physics will permanently change and be viewed as in accurate resulting in years of research down the drain.

      I do not wish that upon anyone but do I let it go and let blind teach blind. That is harsh more like varying degrees of visually impaired as example not an insult.
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        Jul 11 2012: The first thing that you stated regarding playing a gimmick inorder not to make people irated/wistful.
        i did like it.
        Many of the people does play the same trick either to dodge from the topic that they into conversation(When they find it uninteresting or when they unable to ans a question put in front of them) or from getting rid of the conversation completely.this can be done in a more effective way when you know it to do rather just trying it bluntly.

        Regarding the second item i do agree with it.Its good to be straight when someone asks you a honest feedback regarding anything rather to retort.

        Providing honest feedback does indulge in little bit of thinking and need to know regarding the subject that we need to provide feedback for unless we are judged completely.
        • Jul 11 2012: And I completely understand this. I this is falling back into my conversation that I am trying to prove. I can honestly say I have never met you but have engaged you. I have know reference of what you do or even how you think.

          All I had to do is align myself on your timeline I understand I am using our connection with communication as a example of time documentation and understanding (I am sorry) because now my words are polluted in your mind you are reading with a protected perspective or view because I knowingly am trying to change you view. But I want you to understand why it is or I do what I attempt to align our view in time and space much: like the video game pong .

          The timeline of the conversation was
          Your final point was place was nothing is impossible... Like the game pong you offered me one statement but the opportunity to return a comment. This comment has a range of way that is can go and this concept remains constant until I return a statement but I understand that what we are truly doing is allowing others to apply force on our minds.

          Now I explained what I do is beat people to their own about my actual engagement. This is not to annoy but to get us closer to the same conversation. You see the more interested and engaged we are with a topic the less range we can predict the conversation to go and in reference to pong we move closer to the line. If the next proposal does not make sense please just take away a new way to think about conversation a new way to try to knowing exert force on thoughts.

          And the closer we get to the center line (in pong) the closer we see the world to the same EYES or PERSPECTIVE at that moment in time. Now perspective very from person to person and are like filters and lenses on a camera to view the world and once our views of the world connect in one way or another. Our physical world and how time is experience and felt by the measured observer are in synced. CONTINUED TO 111
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    Jul 10 2012: How do Joshua
    Are you asking about judgeing as in a person or as in an object. We will always have an oppion about most things we incounter in life weather it be people we meet or goods and services we buy and get . So if your looking at that as judgeing then no we can't.
  • Jul 10 2012: Very simply think of it like this. Time we know is a way to measure and space is way to measure both are numbers. Now think of graphing this information on a chart....

    Are you still with me? so like 11am at gps location.

    So Space is a how we chart everything, view and think of everything in correlation of 3-dememsion and Time is the two dimensional depiction of everything a single line that used their motion of movement form their previous position to be plotted on time in a straight line.

    An example is if were make a Huge massive clock and only give it one arm it does not matter the speed because this is the now moment now matter how fast or slow the observers processor is. This is the information that was logged at 11am for everything, STILL WITH ME>

    HUGE CLOCK ONE ARM we need place everything on the real world clock to predict how it would act and experience we have to use different sizes of compasses.

    Since we can agree we can place and measure everything with 360 degrees. Now we can see how things would be placed then the document the true 1* and to keep everything on one side of the gravitaional starting point we place a - symbol....


    THANK YOU>>>>

    I was needing a non bias reference out side of my network to look at this notion.... Now I must share it with the world and you will have the first opportunity to change how people think....
    • Jul 11 2012: In a philosophical sense Time is a function of change, no matter how fast the change occurs ( 2 seconds or 2 years ) time 'moves' when change takes place.
      In your 'picture' time is the direction, it moves from one degree to another ( no matter how fast/slow). Being " at 11am for everything " sounds really quantum mechanical ! :) Or this " every object experiencing the same thing at the same degree " 05.30 mark on your video." and they all fall on this line. "
      Do you mean, that ' right now' occupies the moment in space hence it is 1moment/space for every object, being it a planet or a person or a thing ? And this 'moment' is defined/measured not by clock but by compass. I can continue, but I need to know if my description has any relevance to yours :)
      • Jul 11 2012: Ok, I apologize for my nonsensical talking. I found a term for what I am attempting to do now is renormalization I think is the concept of taking theory and bringing it to real world explanation.

        I will check the video then update add to this statement but I am posing the NOW is constantly changing.

        We freeze time and space. Like taking a snap shot like a photo. Then we have data loads and loads of data we can plot and connect and show different ways in a graph form. Hope this makes sense so far.

        I am saying space is our 3d graph the control of all the data and where we will see the Items and this is the 11 am photo. So we can take all these xyz coordinates and all the other data that is in addition to this 11 am photo and place it on a 2d graph.

        Time's Line of Motion.

        And I am hoping we will notice other data connection that we will be able to continue making graphs until we can make appropriate graphs for any know item. Gravity time space and pull up the graph that represents it best visually.

        The issue I am running with the physics people is they say the math is correct but I can not think of time that way because it is wrong...

        I know when if we could look actual correct placement of items in time and space and not its light travel representation. this concept would of already been found and apart of science as we know it.

        But the acceptance that we can graph this data states that light is not the fastest thing and not a constant but a variable that causes errors with our data will be admitting that much of what we are doing is waving our hands in the dark trying to find the remote control.

        I know this but I also know that this 2d graph may help someones science to explain I do not know. Someone may be looking for this key.
        • Jul 11 2012: Maybe" snap shot " is what i meant, it's an image it's dead. Time and space is one fabric but they are 'moving' in opposite directions the place they meet is' 0'.
          Since '0' is nonexistence , there is no absolute '0' anywhere in observable reality. So you need two dimensional space , let it be line where you can put the data, it's not quite true, but it can be used. In another words, your equation can be used in this tiny space/moment between existence and non existence, when '0' is not absolute.
          Sorry, it's maybe nonsense, that's what i have at the moment :)
          ." light is not the fastest thing and not a constant but a variable that causes errors with our data "
          As far as i know, the theory of torsion fields accepts the existance of a 'unit' that can move faster than light,

          This wiki link is just a starting point, you can find a lot more in the net, something you can trust and a lot you can't :) Figure out by yourself. OK, this is better:
 And CERN announced that they found something that moves faster than the speed of light, but it's 'impossible'' so can't be . Sure "Someone may be looking for this key" now is just the right moment to develop a new perception, and maybe you've got something to it. Talking about 'new' it can be forgotten 'old'. "quantum astrophysics" reminds me about the video i watched a couple of month ago, I've found it and can give you the link, skip the god/legend stuff , if you don't have a context for it, and try to view it as a 'holistic' ancient scientific exploration. maybe you can find some correspondences with your idea, or maybe not

          P.S. While i was searching for the links (not sure they can be of any use, though :) your new comment arrived, but I'm afraid i don't have any time for it right now. Sorry.
      • Jul 11 2012: OK I have not fully explained the arm swing concept the degree is the connecting line of gravitational centers. Not the actual planet... THANK YOU!!!! Seriously I understood it in my head and was not seeing it as an issue that needed to be explained but after reviewing that was a HUGE concept I left out.

        Image the movie chinese greek heman scifi of the ominous planetary alignment. well this will be constantly happening because it is 11 am everywhere.

        And the gravitational centers align at what ever degree in time it is. This allows us to measure any where on the planet with the equation.

        I am not to the point of verifying how the planet rotate on the line at this time but will retest to verify.

        ONE MORE TRY... MY HEAD is telling me that the arm of the clock locks the planet in their speed arc. and as the arm moves the gravitational center point to the same degree on all planets stating that everything experiences time the same.

        Later in the video I explain that everything is plotted on this line not just planets if you are measure a planet you plot point the planet if you are measuring a person you plot point the person where their latitudinal position is on the planet and they will have a dot. But you will have a circle or range that they can achieve by movement. this can be show but not determined until the next degree shift.

        Sorry again. and thank you.
      • Jul 11 2012: FINAL Try for the night:

        The compasses literally show how the planet would be seen and move with a true north not the ones with opposite rotation than ours will have their north point upside down. and marked with a - to let us know.

        I am saying ever moment and NOW has data connecting to it in the set of data is a xyz location. so when we look at it from the time line or from time perspective the xyz location wont make sense at all.

        If this become a accepted then we can start design thinking about how we can chart mass, gravity and etc... and have actual equation that defines their meaning.

        Hypothetically if we take that XYZ Location and plot everything everything should make sense and the data is correct. But In reality we are limited by sight and light speed over distance.

        What is going to happen is the telescoped are showing us a million year old time that we see. we know this that many of the stars are burnt out. already this is the perceive time. LIGHT IS THE LIMITING FACTOR when I say time is experience the same everywhere I have been getting the word no but I think they are discussing either varying altitude change or different observers but until they see the graph and work out the information for themselves they will not even contemplate my idea... Because it states they are inherently wrong.
      • Jul 14 2012: "And CERN announced that they found something that moves faster than the speed of light"

        I found this after replying to another comment and I hope you don't mind if I interject. I believe the faster than light particle observation was found to be a faulty fiber optics connection, once they fixed it they no longer got the result. That’s not to say we will never find something that shows flaws in our current theories and prediction, we just haven't found that particular result yet.

        Sorry again if I'm butting in.
        • Jul 15 2012: Hi, Robert !
          Thanks for clarification. Actually, i guess it's impossible to detect anything that moves faster than the speed of light , for this 'object' time stops and it has no place to exist. But maybe it is possible to suggest that ' something' not material is moving faster and influence the particles, and they could behave ' weirdly '. And they do ! In a way 'it' has no need to move at all, it's always in still motion and everywhere and nowhere,it is more subtle than any kind of field. Maybe science should adopt something that is alien to it, by definition, something like 'spirit'.
          Make no mistake, i am not religious :)
          Frankly, i don't know .
          What do you think about Joshua's equation ? Maybe you know math ? I don't, but i have 'gut' feeling that this guy is trying to say something that is important.
          If you have time for this , please watch his videos, the links are given above.

          Thank you !
      • Jul 16 2012: hey natasha :-)

        I will decline to address these videos in full and just say that it's important to remember that it isn't "time" it's "space-time". Many people who try and understand this concept have trouble because they have spent their whole life on earth.

        As someone standing on earth your "space" is being held constant therefor time appears to be constant as well. The relevance of "space-time" doesn't become apparent until you start thinking about objects with different "space-time" orientations -- like a person's GPS in their car on earth that is comparing its self to a satellite in space.

        The GPS and the satellite are experiencing "space-time" differently due to their relative speeds and therefor an adjustment needs to be made in order to give an accurate position on earth. If this adjustment was not made then your GPS would give you the incorrect position (your space-time on earth relative to the satellites space-time in space).

        The video’s really aren't saying anything, because you can measure “time in a line” if the object(s) in the system are experiencing the same relative space-time.

        I hope this was helpful.

        *edit, I would like to add that trying to understand this concept as someone who is generally restricted to earth, is like a fish trying to understand that they can't swim through air.
  • Jul 10 2012: Thank you for your agreement. I finally got a response from someone and they said,

    "Using my advanced degrees in mathematics and quantum astrophysics, I have carefully reviewed your equations. It does seems as if time can be measured in distance, although it seems to be only the case when using units of measurement that could not exist in reality."

    I do not know what exactly he meant but I am merely offer away to cleanly document what happens in time. What I am doing is taking three dimensional information and place it on a two dimensional graph.

    This statement was a relief that I am not a crackpot I just do not know how to describe what it is that I have. I know that I can calculate the speed distance traveled by anything and plot it on an infinite line.

    I think the reality statement is very accurate but time is an idea of measurement(Math) and documentation(Brain event) and is not restricted by laws of anything and should only be thought of as a concept of measure data.

    I stated that gravitation center point is the 0 dot and centrifugal force increases as you travel away from zero

    The degree point to find a location on anything and that is it... Then we take all the momentum that point encountered between one degree changed and we place that number data place it at zero so that the objects center of diameter rest on zero and slide it to the matching centrifugal force.

    The diagram would now have the center of gravity of that object and we can input the range of the gravitational field on the map and we can start adding more and more data until we can start seeing a pattern and then make a accurate reading of what ever.

    Again thank you for taking the time to review the videos.
    • Jul 10 2012: " quantum astrophysics" sounds really cool ! : ) I love it ! I love 'quantum' everything, QM has the capacity to connect things, it seems weird because it's so familiar. And thinking quantum mechanically I can tell you, that knowledge is nothing more than the extension of the perception. Your equation is your perception and eventually you'll find the way to make it knowledgeable, or not, but hope you enjoy the process. I'll try to find time to ponder your videos, it's not easy for me to understand , mildly speaking :) But you know, gut feeling... it prompts me that there is a point, maybe a very big point ! I hope you won't mind my questions when they arise.
      Thanks !
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    Jul 9 2012: It is not human nature to look at something without judgement. Unfortunately, judgement has been wrapped with so much negative connotations and manipulated, such that it sometimes doesn't facilitate critical faculty, but even inhibits it.

    It is wise for us to use the knowledge we have got from observation and experience as the basis for critical thinking and analysis of a new situation. Observation and experience helps us in making generalisations. Sometimes generalisations protects us, and helps us to be cautious; helps us to ask the right questions and sometimes to challenge our prejudice.

    We have to make judgements. When the rules are known, and the normal are known; then it becomes easy to identify the exceptions, variations, deviations and abnormalties.
    Judgements are our way of understanding the world. It is the foundation of reasoning.
    But perhaps, the shadows that seem to be haunting the word are not exactly undeserved.

    When the concept represented by a word becomes corrupted, the word is more likely to be abused.
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    Jul 9 2012: If you are attempting to challenge a notion, are you not asking that the listener judge your case against the prevailing notion?
    In terms of getting someone to consider your specific formulation, I would tell your listener that you propose an equation that predicts time (What time it is? How much time has elapsed since some particular time?)as a function of longitude and whatever your other variables are. I would at the same time indicate what sorts of questions your equation helps address more accurately or more elegantly than the equations or formulations that are already available.
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    Jul 9 2012: Hi Joshua,
    Yes, we can look at something without judgement when we are open minded/open hearted like children. They look at things with curiosity and unconditional love, and when we can do that, there is no judgement.

    Sorry you have been treated rudely when trying to present your video. Some people simply are not interested in, and may not understand math equations, and it might be helpful to understand that everyone is not going to be as excited and enthusiastic about your project as you are. I'm excited about your excitement, and I'm not a lover of math. Sorry I do not feel like viewing it, and I DO wholeheartedly encourage and support you with your adventure:>)
    • Jul 11 2012: You are so right about the child reference. I remember so much wanting to grow up and when I got their people say I need to be mature and stop the horse play about items and keep my eyes on the prize and I reply I am. They ask why have always trying to have fun to which I always ask why woulo you even ask that are you hearing what you are saying?...

      But I find as long as you are doing the right thing all the time there is no reason why you can not enjoy yourself along the way.
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        Jul 11 2012: I appreciate your insight Joshua!
        As children, we cannot wait to grow up. When we're grown up, we often want to re-connect with the child part of our "self", and we're told to act "mature"! I ask the same thing sometimes Joshua....why?

        There is always a balance, and as you insightfully say...if we are doing the right thing, there is no reason why we cannot enjoy ourselves along the way.

        We do not stop playing because we grow old...we grow old because we stop playing:>)
  • Jul 9 2012: You are totally correct and I completely agree but I believe that the equation holds true which leads to a new understanding.

    As you stated I must present a clean polished jem. But I pose again what if you know that you may have the next life-changing concept but lack the education experience and appropriate language to describe it. Do you wait and chance dieing without getting the concept in-front of the appropriate individuals.

    With any other project I would wait but this notion and time may of been figured out by me but is not mine to control. But at the same time Every-post on multiple sites have deleted them. And news wants death or an amazing story....

    I am going to call everyone that I can think of to at least get a contact that is will to discuss the videos...
    • Jul 9 2012: Joshua !

      "... the equation holds true which leads to a new understanding. "

      Could you concentrate on 'new understanding ' please. I mean, could you conceptualise/ verbalise your equation.
      I hope somebody will come to this page to discuss with you the mathematical value of your equation, I can't, for me your explanation in the video is a bit ' messy ', sorry.
      Sure , it's my problem, i am so bad at maths, that can understand only clear polished cut. But i have no problem with the acceptance of the premise : Time can be measured in distance. Einstein established that time and space are the same fabric, in absolute sense, the notion of time does not differ from notion of distance.
      So, ' new understanding ' , please, I am very interested !
      Thank you !
      • Jul 9 2012: I accept your request and will try my best to convery the notion...

        I have found today that my brain is trying hard to maintain this new notion of thought while trying to expressing it in existing terms. The problem my brain is having is as soon as I recall the existing terms my brain connect keep going back to the old concept because the neural pathway is huge.

        So I am forcing this energy into this new concepts through these words or points in my brain and the energy exceeds the neural pathway much like a traffic accident and the additional are going to the next closet location if that made sense.

        The longitude theory of measurement allows us to place everything on top of each other like a shish kabob and then we would line up the degrees, If we remove variation in rotation of each Item we have just created a visual model of how the equation would work.

        Remove rotational variation and now look at it form the north pole. and we can use my equation.

        Now all planets will have the exact degree of measurement at any distance from their gravitational center.

        If you still are follow Awesome. Now to understand the variation in objects rotational speed variation on this visual demonstration we must think of a clock with multiple hands.

        Think of the clock having 360* we know the hands travel at different speeds but what we are seeing is the motion at different distances from the center point pleas stick with me.

        Take the slowest hand and image an infinite line expanding out from the center line and we make sure all hands are lined up "exact midnight"..... I will do another video expressing this again I am figuring out new stuff and then trying to give explaining it in real world terms and then reevaluate the proposal... This video will take about 3 hrs because of my pc's processing speed.
        • Jul 10 2012: Hi,Joshua!
          Don't you find it familiar ?
          "Space and time are a continuum. In celestial navigation, time=distance. Longitude is measured in degrees, and each 15o is represented by 1 hour. (Since 360o = 24 hour) i.e. One hour of the rotation of the Earth corresponds to 15o angle of the Earth’s rotation. One second of time is equal to roughly ¼ mile at the equator".
          Check out here:

          Maybe your equation is an extension to this, maybe a leap, I don't know.:)
          I am waiting for your 3 hrs video.

          Thanks for your response !
  • Jul 9 2012: Looking at something without judgment is not an act of a living thing.
    • Jul 9 2012: Thank you and completely Agree...