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What would you say to a person who wanted to commit suicide?

Bullying such as cyberbullying has caused some young people today to be depressed and think of ending their life. So what would you say to prevent the action from happening?

  • Jul 10 2012: We cannot change the world, or a person, with a few words. We have to show that person we love them for who they are.
    We may have to spend much time with them to SHOW them our opinion and appreciation of themg

    It helps everyone to be useful and make a difference, so ask the person to help you with something (or to help you with helping someone else). It may very well change the person.
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    • Jul 9 2012: Thanks for replying and I am glad that principle has helped you stay alive :)
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        Jul 10 2012: Hey Edwin - you can't leave the theatre prematurely, I am counting on discussing this movie with you!
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    Jul 9 2012: Please dont kill yourself. Why are you giving people so much power over your life and well being?
    You gotta be courageous in this life.
    In the words of P W Botha, former South African president, "Adapt or die."
    And adapt is what the most admired of humanity have done in response to the world's never ending hardships .
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    Aug 8 2012: Christina,
    For starters, I would say bullies come and go. Who and what you are lasts for a life time...believe in yourself.

    Your profile says you want to be a journalist. Keep this topic in mind when you are looking for topics to write about during your journalism career. It is an important issue.

    Have you checked out the several other TED discussion sites that address bullying and suicide? It would be a good idea....lots of good information. This conversation is about to close....sorry I do not have time to provide links!
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    Aug 8 2012: I am no Polyanna but I KNOW that some of the worst things that ever happened to me have turned into the best. When my ex left after 28 years, I thought I would die. I did not and now I see that circumstance as a rescue. Now I am not stuck with the choice I made at 23. I can make a choice now for the me I have become- I am now an educated woman who has experienced pain and sorrow and joy and I am more for it. I am more and so are you. Just wait as I must wait for the most and best life.
  • Aug 8 2012: Thanks for the feedback.
  • Jul 11 2012: " Just think about how did you resolved the difficulty you trapped ever before! all of the traps and despair will be passed and resolved by the time and braveness if you have the enough patience!‘
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    Jul 10 2012: I honestly... Just have to point out, that if Americans still think that bullying is why children are killing themselves, and it has nothing to do with debt slavery, the holy war, or the death of the middle class... We're in deep trouble.

    People got picked on before the internet... People will continue to get picked on and bullied after the internet. Young people are killing themselves, because they think there's no future. The bullying just sets it off.
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      Gail .

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      Aug 8 2012: Thank you for having the courage to say that.
  • Jul 10 2012: I wrote an article on overcoming depression and eliminating the act at depression if anyone wants to read it. You can read the article at
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      Gail .

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      Aug 8 2012: I think you oversimplify in your blog. As someone who tried to commit suicide at age 12, and who lived with constant clinical depression until she was in her 30s, I do have to say that your article seems to miss a LOT.

      My depression ended the minute that I was forced to create a new worldview because the previous one crashed (nearly 30 years ago). I haven't had a single suicidal thought in a long time, but then, most would think that MY worldview is off-beat. it is. It is also very rational.

      Imagine being a young person who is taught that the irrational and insane is rational and sane; that cruelty is kindness and that our purpose is to serve an insane collective at our own expense (which is what I learned), which is how cruelty can be defined as kindness.

      As a young person who objected, but was never understood, I have to ask: Where is the hope? The value? The purpose?

      When (at 12) I woke up the morning after taking too many pills, I was surprised and decided that "God" had rejected me. I decided to go on living, seeing future attempts as a waste of effort. But the horrors of the next 25 years were great.

      When I adjusted my worldview to conform with logic, facts, and something that I felt good participating in, my depression went away. No pills for many years now, and not a single suicidal thought. Therapy didn't help because therapists encourage the immoral and tyrannical worldview that crated the depression in the first place.

      From my experience, you GREATLY narrow the field of vision to the point where your answer makes little sense. But thanks for trying. It's good to try to work these things out. That's how we learn.
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    Jul 10 2012: If you commit suicide you will be the loser & the bulls will be the winner.
  • Jul 10 2012: I have no professional training for this situation, so

    I would say that if you were completely convinced that suicide is your only option, you wouldn't be talking to me about it, you would already be dead.

    Then I would try to get them to professional help.
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      Jul 10 2012: Barry, you are probably right about point 2 so I would keep that to myself and inwardly thank goodness that it was not a fet accompli. Get the help without the monologue and you both might just win this one.
      • Jul 12 2012: Debra, on second thought, I have to agree with you. Sometimes logic is just not the right approach.
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    Jul 9 2012: I agree with what Linda said. As teachers, in fact, we are trained to address this problem by staying with the person and helping the person make contact with professional help. We don't leave until the professional has arrived or we have delivered the young person to the professional.
    People who are not trained to work with suicidal young people should not depend on their good hearts and good arguments. A life is at stake.
    Rather you stay with the person, or if you find out by phone, ask if someone is there with them, keep them on the phone until help gets there.
    • Jul 9 2012: How about if a student tells a friend? Because most young people who are suicidal tell friends and they either don't believe they will kill themselves until it is to late.
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        Jul 9 2012: At my place of work, we have extensive suicide prevention along with a designated suicide prevention officer. She conducts workshops for all employees and students and assists with getting community help if needed. We give our students scripts on what to say and an algorithm of what to do. So all our students know what to do both at school and in the community.

        We have a high suicide rate and it was deemed a priority intervention.
        • Jul 9 2012: That is great that you have suicide prevention and conduct workshops
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        Jul 9 2012: I wanted to give you the website in case you could use it.
        • Jul 9 2012: Thanks for the info and I have wrote a lot so far in my article but I am not sure if it needs more
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        Jul 9 2012: Then you probably already have it. This is the USDHHS SAMHSA National Strategy for Suicide Prevention. I'm actually impressed with it and it takes a lot for me to be impressed by the federal government:)
  • Jul 9 2012: O ok. I get it and thanks for responding and the she in my statement should have been an I sorry.
  • Jul 9 2012: She didn't mean it in that way. She is writing in article and wants to know what people would say.
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    Jul 9 2012: I have to tell you that I cannot keep what you just said in confidence. I need to notify the appropriate authority and I will be staying with you until help arrives.
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        Jul 9 2012: No no! That's what I would say. Sorry I was just answering the question with what I would say (and have said before). I should have clarified.