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Is this our last century?

Is this our last century? Or are we only becoming more aware of global problems because of advances in technology? Are we growing closer as a global community? Or have we only drifted apart as time has progressed?

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    Mar 16 2011: I just cannot and will not believe that humanity is at its end. There are too many good people and too many good ideas. When we are faced with the supraordinate goals that forces us all to work together we will.
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    Mar 21 2011: i dont think this is our last century as a matter of fact when dont know when the last hour would be. I dont see how the advancement in technology have anything to with human problems. I think the problem lies with world leader's and the more and more person that are running after power and wealth. for exmaple, the debate is always on about te age of consent and teenager pregnancy, leaders and groups make this seems like a just erupted plague, when its not a plague at all. when like prostution which is referred to as the oldest profession in the world and not farming, as been around as long as mankind. just a few decades ago when young women in europe hadnt found themslves a husband by age 18 they were labelled as old maid, now they want to carry the age of consent to 21. yet, a person could vote, drive, be out of high school, drink alcohol all before the age of 21. them there is the issue of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade no one want to own that as the greatset ill againist humanity, but super-powersbelieve oil is of a greater value than human life.
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    Mar 16 2011: As with everything else, problems evolve with technology. We have a global community this century which we wouldn't even have thought of before all due to the internet. This has helped us see things from a global perspective and made us more aware of the global issues requiring our attention. Previously nations and people were only focused and aware of the issues plaguing their own communications with a few exceptions. But as I mentioned above the creation of the internet and emergence of communications changed all that.

    The bottom line is, no, we're just more aware of the global issues surrounding our world than we ever were.

    Ziyad B.