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Where would you go if you had one chance to move through time?

My question is simple. Where (or more importantly when) would you like to go if you had one chance to move through time, past or future?

Lets say hypothetically the rules are, if you do anything, it might provoke future implications e.g killing Hitler would solve World War II. Also, on a more important note, if you kill someone it might affect your existence e.g if you (for some weird reason) kill your grandfather, you would cease to exist. This meaning you CAN interact with the world around you.

For arguments sake, stepping on a butterfly won't change the entire course of civilization and meeting yourself won't result in the end of the world or yourself exploding etc.

Any way, where and when would you go if you had the opportunity?

I for instance (taking this from Back to the Future 2) would like to tell a past self to bet big on a race and win loads of cash if I were feeling pretty selfish!

Realistically, I don't know really know where or when I would like to go, so I am asking you lot to give me inspiration as I know you will!


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    Jul 12 2012: Rob, Life is so exciting and filled with wonders. I have had a teriffic ride through the years. I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly and each experience has help to define who I am today. I have lived the past and it is what it is ... the past and therefore I would not want to re-visit or intrude on the past. However, I would like to give Grandparents and parents one more hug and tell them I miss them and love them. I look forward to the future and all of the promises that it holds ..... but if I jumped ahead a year I would miss all of the beautiful things that tomarrow and the day after will bring me.

    So in summary Rob, I I know who I am, what I am, and like where I am. So I'll stay right here in the present. Tomarrow my grandkids will have joys and heartbreaks and I will be here to share their highs and lows.. It don't get any better than that. Thanks for the offer to journey ... please give my ticket to someone who wishes to escape.

    All the best. Bob.
    • Jul 15 2012: Very heart warming

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