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Where would you go if you had one chance to move through time?

My question is simple. Where (or more importantly when) would you like to go if you had one chance to move through time, past or future?

Lets say hypothetically the rules are, if you do anything, it might provoke future implications e.g killing Hitler would solve World War II. Also, on a more important note, if you kill someone it might affect your existence e.g if you (for some weird reason) kill your grandfather, you would cease to exist. This meaning you CAN interact with the world around you.

For arguments sake, stepping on a butterfly won't change the entire course of civilization and meeting yourself won't result in the end of the world or yourself exploding etc.

Any way, where and when would you go if you had the opportunity?

I for instance (taking this from Back to the Future 2) would like to tell a past self to bet big on a race and win loads of cash if I were feeling pretty selfish!

Realistically, I don't know really know where or when I would like to go, so I am asking you lot to give me inspiration as I know you will!

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    Jul 12 2012: Rob, Life is so exciting and filled with wonders. I have had a teriffic ride through the years. I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly and each experience has help to define who I am today. I have lived the past and it is what it is ... the past and therefore I would not want to re-visit or intrude on the past. However, I would like to give Grandparents and parents one more hug and tell them I miss them and love them. I look forward to the future and all of the promises that it holds ..... but if I jumped ahead a year I would miss all of the beautiful things that tomarrow and the day after will bring me.

    So in summary Rob, I I know who I am, what I am, and like where I am. So I'll stay right here in the present. Tomarrow my grandkids will have joys and heartbreaks and I will be here to share their highs and lows.. It don't get any better than that. Thanks for the offer to journey ... please give my ticket to someone who wishes to escape.

    All the best. Bob.
    • Jul 15 2012: Very heart warming
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    Jul 11 2012: No issues to speak of we have agreed that its best they stay where they are and ill leave them alone. Do talk with 2 sisters though so not completly without. Also don't feel to bad about it if I would bend just alittle we would proably come closer to getting along.
    I agree simpler times and less stresss. But a man could be a man without haveing to explane his choices. May not have it as easy with moderen conviences but id give them up in a second.
  • Jul 10 2012: I am not religious, but I think I would like to have a good long conversation with Jesus.
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    Jul 9 2012: No question for me. I would go back to playand talk with my children when they were little. If I get Alzheiimers and they need to find me, I think that is where I will be.
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    Jul 8 2012: I have moved through time because of a NDE/OBE (near death experience). At the moment, I prefer NOW HERE...or is it NOWHERE?
    • Jul 9 2012: Very thought provoking.

      The very idea of not moving at all is a great one. After all, whats so wrong with our lives that we have to leave the dimensions of our own?
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        Jul 9 2012: I agree Rob, that the thought of not moving is interesting. I love this earth life experience, and when it is time to move on, that is what I will do. I love being in the now:>) It seems that people wanting to be in a place or time other than the present is the challenge behind discomfort, anxiety, depression and anger in our world. What do you think?

        Hers's another thought...can you imagine that we are moving to other dimensions AND here now?
        • Jul 9 2012: I agree to an extent, yes. A big contributor for people leaving this time is like people leaving their own country to live elsewhere (somewhere hotter), to leave the world full of their troubles concerning money, troubled family life, much like you were saying about anxiety, depression and anger. But we can't forget our human nature to explore, discover and fulfill our urge of curiosity. All these I know I suffer from greatly. Not necessarily a bad thing, after all, our modern civilization has been built on these desires.

          I'm not sure what you mean by moving to other dimensions and being in the present... do you mean that our lives moving through one dimension and then once we pass, moving into the next?
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        Jul 10 2012: Hi Rob,
        I agree that as humans, we often have a desire to explore, discover and are very curious. I believe curiosity to be a GREAT motivator for change and movement, and it's also enjoyable to view the world through curious eyes, heart and mind:>)

        That reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:
        "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes..."
        (Marcel Proust)

        With that in mind, there is an opportunity in each and every moment, wherever we are, to explore, follow our curiosity and discover:>)

        Perhaps intent is an important factor to keep in mind when we are considering exploration of the place we are in, or another place? If we want to go to a new place because we are unhappy where we are, it might help to consider why we are unhappy, because wherever we go, there we are...with our "self". So, if we are going someplace else, it would be good to repack our "baggage" before we leave?

        You noted in another comment that lots of folks want to go to the end...NOW. For me, happiness/contentment is a way of travel, not a destination. So, I enjoy the
        Nothing about our choice is good/bad...right/wrong...better/worse...etc. Our intent, however, could change our perception of any journey.

        Re: moving to other dimensions:
        Yes...we could be moving through one dimension, then passing into another dimension. I also suspect that we may have the ability to travel through several dimensions at the same time. Time is a human construct, so this concept may be difficult to understand. In other dimensions "out there", time may not be a limitation.
        • Jul 11 2012: It might be a case also that people don't want to leave somewhere to get away from something or because they are unhappy, but perhaps move toward another thing. Maybe even enhance the world that they live in now, which is why I think people would move back in time to get rid of Hitler or another, to make the world they live in a better place today.

          But that is not to say that someone else would not take his place. Which is why I agree with you wholly that not moving at all would be ideal, because who knows what might unfold if we alter ANYTHING in another life?

          I also agree that emotions can take us places that time could simply not comprehend. Sure moving back or forward in different dimensions could help us realize dreams that could make us very happy indeed, but is the point of life not to make our lives here and now as great as possible?

          I understand what you mean about time being a human construct, but reading back into your discussion with Stewart also he is also correct. While there is a time/space which humans ourselves cannot alter because that is the fabric of reality, our perception of time is based around our lives i.e seconds, hours are how we decided to measure the world. So essentially, without the world, our perception of time would be immensely different if we lived on Mars or something. But it is still a linear function and does not change.

          I find the best way to describe what you mean about what I make out to be your definition of time being a human construct is when we are dreaming. We can nap for say half an hour, but our minds when we dream, take us to dimensions and plains of reality which become entirely our own and can last for however long we want. (Until the alarm goes off!)
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        Jul 12 2012: Hi again Rob,
        So, are you discovering that there are as many answers to your question as there are people in our world??? LOL

        Yeah...sometimes, we may think we can alter something in the past and make it better, but who knows? Conditions that we think/feel may improve the situation may, in fact have the opposite effect!

        Yes...I agree...the point in living this life experience is to make our lives here and now as great as my humble experience/perception:>)

        We use time as a way to organize ourselves in the human experience. You say..."without the world, our perception of time would be immensely different...". Could it be that without the limitation of time, our world would be very different? Just an idea:>)

        I agree with your perception of the dream state. I have not worn a watch for about 25 years. I eat when hungry, sleep when tired, and sometimes get lost in time and space when working/playing on a project. Thankfully, I was self employed for most of my adult life, and retired now, so I had/have a certain amount of freedom regarding time, and never had to punch a time clock, which I realize some people need to do.
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    Jul 8 2012: To the end of time.
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    Jul 8 2012: Go back and ride on an Argentinosaurus
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    Jul 8 2012: To the end.
    • Jul 8 2012: The end of what? The Earth? Your life? Human civilization? The universe?
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        Jul 8 2012: Of Time.
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          Jul 8 2012: Just curious but as a way of looking at this, if you have the ability to move through time you require time to move through. So if you want to go to the end of time it's theoretically impossible as their is no time to go to, you could go to one minute before the end of time but beyond the end you couldn't exist.
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        Jul 8 2012: Time is a human construct...a limitation that does not exist outside the human experience. So, if one simply wants to go to the end of time...turn off the clock! That would do away with the limitation:>)
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          Jul 8 2012: Ah but there's also the non human side to time, ie the thermodynamic side to time of order to chaos, simple to complex. So basically in this case the heat death of the universe space time may just break and there will just be nothing and hence nothing to exist in, and there'd be nothing to see anyway prior to the end of the universe, there'd be no light, all stars would have died, all atoms would have stopped spinning, it's really the worst place to be ever.
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        Jul 8 2012: Dear Stewart,
        Yeah...sounds pretty bad!!!

        Interesting are still referencing human constructs. My experience is that there is nothing and everything..."out there":>) It is neither hot nor cold...neither light or get the picture?
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          Jul 9 2012: Kind of, but I'm using light and dark scientifically in terms of stars etc and heat in terms of joules of energy and time thermodynamically so when everything is in it's highest state of disorder there's no more time that we can judge then.
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        Jul 9 2012: I know you are using scientific terms Stewart...who created those terms? Was it by any chance humans? I had to look up the word "joules"...never heard that before. I believe everything is always in its highest state of order AND disorder. The terms "order" and "disorder" are also human constructs. I like the scientific education....thanks:>) It's funny....I feel like we're on the same page and speaking in different languages! LOL:>)
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          Jul 9 2012: Things may be human constructs but it doesn't mean they don't exist, some (in my opinion) annoying philosophers will say we create reality but I'm much more of a reductionist and think reality creates us. The worst thing is I constantly read things with my science head on and then you say state of order AND disorder and I temporarily pause and try to think if it's even possible in my terms anddd it ain't. So because order as a word and a thing is a human construct same with disorder, this doesn't mean they don't exist and I don't think that's what your point is I think your point is the next bit. Because we created it, it means we made it around something, so we observed (this is Stephen Hawking's example) that a cup falling from a bench breaks, but we never observe a broken cup rising from the floor and landing on the table as a perfect cup. So we've observed this and also seen it just about everywhere else in the world. So we've made physical laws around this AND also noticed that it also works with our notion of time. There are more arrows of time which all point in the same direction as ours and all end in a very disordered or chaotic state, which is another reason why I think reality made us, it came first and then we evolved and observed reality and learnt to live within it.
          Could you explain the order and disorder at the same time to me please?
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        Jul 9 2012: I'm not saying that they don't exist Stewart. I'm saying that there may be something beyond the terminology we use to describe and explain things as humans. I think you've said something like that before too? Which is why I say it feels like we're often on the same page...speaking different languages.

        I believe that we co-create reality in each moment. There are generally many factors that contribute to our perception of reality....yes? So, in my perception, it depends a lot on where the information is coming from, with which we co-create our reality. I agree with your perception that we observe how things work...make laws, rules, create terms to describe and explain...on the human physical plain.

        Order/disorder....this is a very simple example...remember that I am not a scientist:>)
        I have places in my home that are very spaces for example...neat and orderly.
        I also have places (the barn, shed, storage closets) that to some people look VERY disorderly.
        However, they are, in my mind "orderly" because even though many things are buried and cannot be seen, I know EXACTLY where everything is, and can find it in a second.

        So, it would appear that "order" and "disorder" are perceptions...terms to help us understand something, AND they can co-exist...just like many concepts in my humble opinion:>)

        Imagine this simple concept on a much grander scale? Like the universe and beyond? Sometimes things appear orderly when they are not, and sometimes we perceive disorder, when that is not some people. Make any sense?

        If something is not possible in your perception and terms, it does not necessarily mean it is not reality...yes? no? maybe? I think you get my I said...same page different language:>)
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          Jul 9 2012: ahhh we're using different terms of order, my meaning is order being a high energy state and disorder a low energy state and is based on an observational change, you're definitions only set back as you stated was that it's also a matter of opinion as you find your shed very orderly even though it might look like a bull's been through a china shop.
          And factors which create reality are mainly light, illusion of solids, and physical laws.
          But I totally get you now even though we're on about two different things lol.
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        Jul 9 2012: ahhhhh...Stewart... I was not aware of using the terms order/disorder in relationship to energy....different perceptions which can certainly lead each other astray in conversations!

        So, why is high energy state considered "order", and low energy state "disorder"? What is the observational change that causes the difference in terms/perceptions?

        I agree..."factors which create reality are mainly light, illusion of solids, and physical laws" created by humans. There may be other realities:>)
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          Jul 9 2012: It's not entirely the same order and disorder we're used to in our normal lives, for this reason scientists prefer to call it entropy, and it's based on one assumption which has to be agreed upon, that energy stored in one place is in relative order. So I'll use an example of a cube, in it's cube form it's said to have no entropy, but if I break it up into hundreds of pieces it's said to have lots of entropy. Why? Because it has lost energy to be broken up, so they could have called it anything instead of order and disorder.
          But it's all to do with available energy. So in a universal context, the early universe had lots of energy in the form of heat, but as it cooled (due to laws of thermodynamics) it gained entropy or in other words it has lost available energy. So it all a measure of available energy.
          The observational changes are many but here's a few, a hot cup of tea cools down and spreads its heat through the air, but a cold cup of tea never warms up unless we expend more energy to heat it up (energy cannot be created or destroyed only transferred from one form to another) so the observation is the change in energy levels, so say the tea starts at 100C and the air 20C, then the tea becomes 80C and the air becomes 25C (convection currents will constantly provide new air that's why the air isn't now 40C) And this will keep happening on and on until the tea loses all it's energy and the air spreads the heat over such a distance that the energy levels drop again to room temp. That's just one example of how available energy is transferred until there is none left.
          I agree that there may be different realities but there must be common factors, as in we must all see a table, we all must perceive an attractive gravitational force, and experience the same idea of solids to name a view. They can vary on colour, even if you saw in x rays a table would still reflect x rays in the shape of a table etc, time is relevant to us, these are a few things I can think of.
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        Jul 10 2012: I agree's not entirely the same order/disorder we're used to. It seems similar to me however...same concept...different elements?

        You say..."I agree that there may be different realities but there must be common factors..."
        I suggest that energy is the common factor. As you say..."energy cannot be created or destroyed only transferred from one form to another". In my perception and experience, energy keeps moving to a number of different forms...some of which we do not yet understand as humans. You said in another conversation, that there may be energies we have not yet discovered or labeled? I totally agree with that:>)
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          Jul 10 2012: There's dark matter, we're currently trying to see what it's made of and then there's dark energy which is 70% of universe's total energy and we haven't got the faintest idea what it is. And then we're blind to something like 90% of the electromagnetic spectrum so yea there's a lot of energy we don't know about. And I can't believe I left energy out of common reality, it's what keeps us alive.
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        Jul 12 2012: I agree is what keeps us alive. At the time of the NDE/OBE, when the energy left the body, the body was clinically close to death. My experience tells me that energy keeps EVERYTHING alive and operating synchronistically...humans and other animals, the earth and nature, evolution, etc....everything that happens in our world as we know it, and beyond:>)
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    Jul 10 2012: I think I'd like to go to 5:30 p.m. this Friday.
    • Jul 10 2012: Why is that?
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        Jul 10 2012: It's when I finish work for this week, and start the long drive home. Will be whizzing past Cambridge at approx 6:20. Will wave :-)
        • Jul 11 2012: Haha yay! Although this Friday I'll be Wimbledon so.. might not see it :(
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        Jul 11 2012: Wimbledon's not a problem either. Will be within a few miles of there by 7:50. Will wave then :-)
        • Jul 15 2012: Nice wave! Haha :)
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    Jul 9 2012: Watch a pyramid being built, see the first star ignite, go to Mars a few million years ago see what it was like then, see the first human ancestor to make a fishing spear, or a boat or start to develop language or the first hominid to show signs of morality, talk to Galileo or Da Vinchi , see the first fish/amphibian to leave the water
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      Jul 9 2012: that certainly needs elaboration
    • Jul 9 2012: Yes I would like to know more about this?
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        • Jul 11 2012: Is it solely because of this man that evil existed though?

          Would someone else not theorize the same ideas as Kant did?

          I think people are evil, because they are just pure evil and not because of the ideas a person once formulated.

          Although it's a good idea trying to get to the root of a problem i.e taking out Kant instead of Hussein.

          By the way I'm not denouncing your theory, I would just like to hear more!
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        • Jul 15 2012: Are humans not the slightest bit evil by nature though?

          Surely not every human is good through and through?

          I know I'm not! I have my flaws (not comparing myself to a genocidal maniac however...)

          There is no way for us to be truly pure, its our nature to want to break the rules, be different and escape normality. You could argue thats what many people you have described beforehand had done, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

          Right and wrong are also points of view.

          "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" - Gerald Seymour
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        • Jul 15 2012: What if however, someone is born a murderer?

          If their primal instinct is to kill, not out revenge or for personal gain, but just because it is their urge and want to. Much like I feel I was born to be creative and create music, if someone feels the same way about killing to relieve their addiction.

          It is not a right or wrong for them necessarily because they don't know any better maybe.

          Obviously we would judge that person to be immoral, a sinner, sick or however you want to phrase it, but if we changed our accusations of immorality, that person could still be out in the world killing people and it may one day affect you directly. So the concept is not a bad thing.

          Even if this person was obsessed with killing people who he deemed immoral, or were killers themselves, how would that be judged under this new law of morality?
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    Jul 9 2012: Back to the old west. Simpler times appeal to me and the possiblity of meating an realitive slim to none my family didn't leave the east coast. I can stay if I want right.
    • Jul 11 2012: Do you have family issues then if you don't mind me asking? I'm sorry to hear so if that is the case

      I too love the Old West, something about it is very appealing
  • Jul 9 2012: To all,

    Thank you for all replying and taking your time out to do so. It seems the vast majority of you are saying the end, or a place where there is no time.

    I would just like to touch on a point that Stewart mentioned as well as a couple of my own.

    If you travelled to where there is no time, surely it would be impossible for you to travel back to where you came as you needed to time to travel. So traveling to no time would mean you being stuck there, or not being able to get there at all, as the point of time you are traveling to has no time space to get there.

    Also, why would you all like to go there? I considered this to be my answer too. Say if it was possible to get to where there is no time, whilst it might be a huge insight into and could very well explain everything that ever happened, would it not be... boring?

    Of all the places you could visit, all the people you could meet, all the things you could change, you would wish to travel to the place where you could spectate the end of all things?

    Just something to think about!
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    Jul 9 2012: @ Stewart re: "just curious, etc" True that. My problem is not chronological but liguistic. I sholuld have been more specific about the fat lady singing! I want to see her sing,not because I like her singing, I just want the "opera" to be over. Only those who believe that the end of Time is not the end of consciousness would grasp my point.
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    Gord G

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    Jul 8 2012: To somewhere before I get the one I keep getting the chance. ;-)
    • Jul 8 2012: But you can only go back once, so you only get two chances ;) haha

      Chance for anything in particular may I ask?