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Improving female literacy in the maternal language as a significant contribution to helping women to control their fertility

Literacy is the ability to decode and encode the language you already know. In the "advanced" world it is taken for granted. In the "Third World" it is not; most established institutions insisting on teaching the lingua franca, or the colonial language, or English, rather than the languages people actually speak..

This practice produces an inevitably secondrate literacy, (and thus an underclass,) for all but the most gifted and wealthy, for it involves learning a new language at the same time as alphabetical coding and decoding, rather than, as in the developed world, one AFTER the other,

Making the transition to literacy in a language you don't ALREADY know is a mistake, since it abandons the obvious idea that you can hear what you are reading. It means that you are condemned to exerting yourself at great length to master the colonial/national language and its systems, or to flounder about in a language of which you know only the most rudimentary parts, and probably none of the idioms, thus permanently marking out your "class" and making any real literacy in that language highly unlikely

Female literacy is, as much research shows, the SOLE conistent correlate to drops in fertility. Worldwide, they march together (see Connelly, Fatal Misconception, a magisterial history of the brutal, forcible and misguided efforts by governments and NGOs at birth control).

The answer, then, for those .concerned to remedy the disempowerment of a large proportion of women in relation to family planning, is to promote literacy in the maternal language, the mother tongue. And, therefore, to devise a program readily translatable into ANY alphabetic language, to be offered to women who show up to neo-natal clinics, designed so that any native speaker of the given language could readily supply the local elements of the program. This program would spread (like TED) like wildfire.

It would be a perfect embodiment of the global mission of the Gates Foundation.


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    • J M

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      Jul 18 2012: "But some time could also be spent educating men. Fertility takes two.

      If, for example fertility control is the goal,"

      No it is not the goal. Marginalization of men is the goal; meanwhile creating niches for mediocre bureaucrats.

      (Ultimately allowing females to cheat while living off of the cheated on's labor is the goal since "liberated" "equal" females [ie total dependents protected by caste structures of winner-and loser-men who fight over female sexual value] _on the whole_ really just explore their serial "relationship" adventures, with the whole career and education thing --the ostensible goal of "liberation"-- just being a back drop for that core rockstar goal. (True unless a female is from the minority of Un-fecund females; but they were always part of male intellectual collectives anyway [eg monks and nuns].) Why females don't have different core goals for their liberation --eg academic or inventive/creative genius-- is female-aptitude based.)

      If population reduction was the goal, people would advocate _population reduction._ And they would communicate the goal to the men so as to get them on board rather than going around them talking about them in third person with their conspired with females.

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