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have you felt relieved after losing something that you used to care very much? share your story!

It is human nature holding to things. it is not rare to see people collect little stuff to memomize a period of time that may only be understood by themselves. A movie ticket, a picture.
but have you ever experienced relief kissing goodbye to something used to be very important to you?
maybe an old-fashioned cloth purchased on full price? maybe the number of someone special?

  • Jul 8 2012: Mine is a bit more difficult to say and probably puts a downer on the conversation, but my Grandad.

    He suffered a major stroke a year ago and he was lying in bed in hospital for a week or so, living off equipment. Eventually they stopped giving him water and food as he was considered too far gone. He couldn't feel anything because of the drugs, but you could tell he was suffering right up until his last breath.

    Whilst I wanted more than anything for him to survive and live, I knew deep down he wouldn't.

    It was a relief when he passed. It was a relief to know that he wasn't suffering anymore and I could continue to see my granddad in my memories as I remember him, rather than that last week plaguing my memory.

    Rest in peace.
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      Jul 24 2012: Thank you Rob for having the courage to share your painful and yet important story!
  • Jul 7 2012: I have always had a hobby, something to keep me sane those girlfriend-less days. I am a married man now so girlfriend-less days are no longer a problem but I do still enjoy hobbies. The thing that was lost was my religion and WOW, what a relief!!! Another thing I miss is going fishing with my four boys on Lake Erie in my 21' boat. Selling it after 15 years use was a relief only in that, being a trailer boat, it got to be too much work moving it in and out of the garage. Well, time marches on, you know.
    • Jul 8 2012: girlfriend-less days? haha, sounds like a new word to me. people all get hooked on some stuff. for most guys, it is computer games. The things that used to give a lot of joy makes us willing to spend tons of qulity time on. but somehow, when we lost these things, it was like the biggest break like never bfore.
  • Aug 7 2012: Thats what you should do..
    - Let go, move on.!!

    Few days ago I deleted a contact which I never used in the last 2-3 years. It reminded me of my old days. But I felt quite relieved after deleting it..!
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    Jul 24 2012: Well, my stroke caused me to lose my sweet tooth and I used to love it. Life is so different becasue of it that I feel like I am living another life.
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    Jul 9 2012: I used to be majorly addicted to video games to the point were it was affecting my academic life, so, I forced myself to stop. I didn't lose video games and I could certainly play them whenever I please, but there is no urge anymore. Now I'm a straight A student all because I gave up video games.