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Revolution in education

TED is a lively site, sometimes very annoying but once in a while is encouraging. You might feel that someone is awake out there struggling to understand why our society is so mad, and why is it so sure about its "knowledge". Well, I always felt in schools that I was TRAINED to follow conventions and my mind was somewhat TAMED. However, what makes my mind alive to this day is that I have always questioned what I have been told. There is nothing more exciting than having your own experience and chasing for your own answers...

(Since I was in my elementary school I was convinced that there was no way that the very same identical unit 1 could create a group of 2 or 3 etc it would remain the very same 1 no matter how many times we tried to calculate it. In order to make some group of units they MUST be somehow different. A 1000 solders would never be a 1000 until they would be all different and each of them would be unique. My teachers were mentally stoned when I was asking questions like that. There is no explanation in any scientific book for how sciences "think", not even B. Russel could understand the psychology of math, while not just myself but many small children do not need to become trained mathematicians or philosophers to feel that math is a very illogical, very corrupted tricky game. No way, I thought, that math could make up any foundation for "exact" sciences! There are no exact sciences ever possible.)


Closing Statement from Vera Nova

Our vast, contemporary systems force us to squeeze our feet into a pair of one-size-fits-all shoes, and our minds into conventional thinking. We do NOT TEACH young minds in schools to experience life, but we TRAIN them to serve our gigantic arftifocial systems that do not serve any real individual, but an imaginable collective prototype.

We fight for our own point of view forgetting that every creature has its own truths stemming from its unique existence, and perception of that existence. In this age of rapid communication, we can reach one another almost instantly, anywhere in the world. But for all that, we do not understand each other any better than millennia ago.

While encouraging our personal creative abilities, we still need to learn the basic principals of communicating with each other and nature. We shall learn how to be more innovative and intuitive facing the world which is new and different, in every instant. CAN OUR SCHOOLS/COLLEGES be more like sustainable peaceful communities, not factory-like institutions, but open forums engaging students in all kinds of creative thinking and mutual self support? Can a new school practice inspirational and sustainable community living, while students are inventing their own architecture, infrastructure, taking care of their own farm, sound small businesses, like bakeries, shops or theaters, right on premises?

Would this be great for a change to experience the full spectrum of better, more meaningful life in your school?

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    Jul 7 2012: Your questions are great and right to the point and I understand why you do not believe that I, myself, can offer something alternative, beside suggesting to train teachers be aware that they are not absolute authorities in bringing "the truth about the world' .

    You make me very happy letting me know that your wondering mind is already tuned for discovering something alternative to what we "know". I will need a few minutes to get ready to describe, in a clumsy way, what I am working on for decades, since i became a young student of life. I'll get back to you very soon!

    Many thanks.
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      Jul 7 2012: Ok, we wait. And could you please include (for me) quantum theory and electricity as I am still not getting both... :o)
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        Jul 7 2012: I just started to clumsily putting together in short some of my thoughts. Please let me know if I'm doing OK. Please see my post about the nature of our perceptions below.

        I praise W. Heisenberg as the most profound philosopher of our time. I refer to his concept - every observer unavoidably effects what he observes. The way we may see quarks as some imaginable particles or waves is up to our choice based on our tasks, but this would never be a perfect presentation of any objective conditions of the world. About quantum theory and electricity - I think that the most intuitive of us whether these individuals are scientists, or researchers, or philosophers, or engineers, or medical doctors have to make a step or two beyond the thick walls of their institutions and open this inspirational collaboration..... I'm positive that beside grand questions people would be able to come up with grand answers that would shake the very recycling mentality that is "leading" us through millennia. I dream to participate in this kind of collaboration.
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          Jul 7 2012: I understand that you dream to participate in this 'higher something', yet I do not believe in its existence.

          Actually you partly contributed in my believe in considering Heisenberg.

          As you, by any means, will ever be an observer, the presentation of any 'higher something' to your mind renders it imperfect at that very moment. Not even considereing all other imperfections caused by all the other observers who came up with this 'higher something'.

          Personally I found 'peace' on my mind in staying 'absurd' on this and this was triggered by Douglas Adams infinite answer to the meaning of life, quote: 42

          So be aware, as you may not 'getting' what was of high importance to you if it was answered correctly ... And it may also be important of how and what to ask...

          But as you already said, we may not understand each other.
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      Jul 7 2012: And could you please stop giving 'thumb up's' on my comments. This entangles me criticising your idea... ;o)
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        Jul 7 2012: OK I love your questions.
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          Jul 7 2012: So you did it again! :o) And as more you like my comments, in which I am trying to 'dismantle' your idea, as more I begin to like you, which is a natural process, yet not helpful in maintaining objectivity in my personal subjectivity ... :o) So stop boosting my TED score which has to be 'earned' the hard way... :o)

          By the way, I still don't understand electricity any better than before I started to descuss with you. Are you certain your idea is going to work?
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        Jul 7 2012: I love intelligent critique.

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