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How do I use TED to learn english?

Hello everybody

I want to learn english by using ted.com
Can you help me?

Thank you!
P/s: Please sympathize with my rather bad English ability
(English is not my native language)


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    Jul 10 2012: Tung Le thân mến,
    Dưới đây là một ý tưởng. Bạn có thể sử dụng TED và "google translate". Đơn giản chỉ cần gõ trong các bình luận của bạn, và nó sẽ tự động dịch. Bạn có thể tìm hiểu như bạn đi cùng. Chúc may mắn:>)
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      Jul 10 2012: Thanks Colleen

      I usually use google translate, but I see "google translate" sometime translate incorrect, example about: grammar. meaning ...
      I think "google translate" translate words well, but translate sentence so bad.
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        Jul 10 2012: I agree Tung Le, it is not the perfect way to learn a language. It is simply another tool. People on this thread have provided some good ideas...watch as many videos as possible, read the transcripts, participate in discussions, and you can continue to refine your use of the language. And remember...those of us who know english as our first language do not always use it perfectly. I wish I could speak and write YOUR language as well as you write my first language! I am joyfully honored that so many people in our world speak MY first language:>)
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          Jul 10 2012: Thank you so much, Colleen.
          You give me more motivation.
          one day, I hope we can meet and talk by english together.
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        Jul 10 2012: Dear Tung Le,
        It would be enjoyable to meet and share thoughts, feelings and ideas in english. I look forward, with anticipation, to that day:>) And here we are...already sharing a conversation!
        Tôi tự hào của bạn.

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