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How do I use TED to learn english?

Hello everybody

I want to learn english by using ted.com
Can you help me?

Thank you!
P/s: Please sympathize with my rather bad English ability
(English is not my native language)


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    Jul 9 2012: Sometimes a TED contributor will offer a criitique of your use of English, for example:
    1) In your bold print headline you chose the word "learning". The correct word is "learn".
    2) In line 1 insert a comma after the word "Hello". Capitalize "english".
    3) In line 2 change "learning" to "learn". Insert the word "using" after the word "by".
    4) In line 3 the word "can" should replace the word "may".
    5) In line 5 change the word "for" to "with". Insert a period at the end .
    6) In line 6 you do not need the word "unfortunately". Insert a period at the end.
    Your command of English is impressive. Do not quit studying. Congratulations!
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      Jul 9 2012: Edward, I would often be grateful for the same help. Email anytime!
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        Jul 9 2012: Oh please! Upon review of your Profile I suspect you are making a jest about needing help with the Queen's English. I cannot improve upon your use of English. Now, if you need help being caustic, sophomoric and/or vituperative, I'm your man!
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          Jul 9 2012: Hey
          Edward, you know by now that I am too dull to pull your leg. In fact, I do have a great education but it is because my strength is in drawing out meaning. Even now I cannot do what you did for Tung Le because my grasp on these things is poor. I hated APA style and never really learned that either. My request was quite sincere- as I always am even when I am wrong.
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        Jul 9 2012: OK. If I see you commit a literary faux pas I will email you a suggested correction in a plain brown wrapper. I still think you might be funning me though.
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      Jul 10 2012: Edward, thank you so much!

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