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How do I use TED to learn english?

Hello everybody

I want to learn english by using ted.com
Can you help me?

Thank you!
P/s: Please sympathize with my rather bad English ability
(English is not my native language)


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    Jul 7 2012: Listen to the TED talks on a subject that is familiar to you.

    Alongside the videos, there is typically a written transcript in English. Reading that after the talk, or pausing the talk now and then to read, may help you keep up if the spoken language feels to fast.

    Jan-Bernd below suggests you also read the comments in TED Conversations. The one thing you need to remember in doing that is that we are not all native speakers of English here. People will make mistakes in grammar, spelling, diction, and punctuation even if they are native speakers.

    From where you are as an English language learner, you should feel free to participate and know that no one will hold against you that you are not fluent. Many here are not. Conversing in English is an excellent way of learning the language, more to be able to communicate your ideas so that others understand than to refine your skills in written and spoken English.
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      Jul 7 2012: Thank you so much.
      Ah, do you know why I can't upload my avatar?
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        Jul 7 2012: My be the picture you have choosen is to big in size for uploading or it comes in format which the TED system can not process. I used a small *.jpg picture I had of me and reduced it in its size with a picture processing software. It should work for you as well, just try again.
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          Jul 7 2012: Thanks but I have choosen is correct.
          The system show my picture have uploaded 100%, but I can't still see my avatar.
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        Jul 7 2012: I can't see it either. Hmm, interesting. Maybe you should contact TED directly, if this problem remains.

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