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Are there any teens on this site?

I ask this because I am a 17 year old frustrated by her old habits. It's summer and I can admit to having many idle days sitting in front of my computer, bored. So bored as I am, I often resort to FB (facebook), which as great as it CAN be, ends up becoming a forum for complaints, beauty affirmation, and simply things that aren't that fulfilling.

Are there any teens on this site that share the same disappointment. I wish FB was more of a place where I could share my ideas with friends...

That's why I love this site, but I just have to know how many teens are cruising around this site?


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  • Aug 6 2012: Hello.
    I am 18 years old as well. I understand your feeling of isolation from your age group, as well as the developing (for lack of a better term) arrogance.

    It's difficult. The rest of our age group, heck, even the world, seems to be fluttering about aimlessly. Precious few people seem willing to talk in depth about anything. Don't despair though, they're out there. You'll find them, though you may have to seek them out. They can become some of the most wonderful friends you'll ever meet. They will help you reach new levels of understanding and development.

    A word of caution though; beware that feeling of superiority. You are special, and likely more intelligent than many of your friends. Don't look down at them though. Every individual, no matter how frivolous or uninspired, has something to teach. They have feelings, emotions, and thoughts as well. Treat them with kindness and empathy. Do your best to understand them, and why they are who they are. Learn from them, and never belittle them. And if you can, try to coax them to grow a little. Never force it, but gently touch upon it.

    Good luck to you all in your endeavors. I hope that someday I have the chance to meet some of you in person.

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