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Are there any teens on this site?

I ask this because I am a 17 year old frustrated by her old habits. It's summer and I can admit to having many idle days sitting in front of my computer, bored. So bored as I am, I often resort to FB (facebook), which as great as it CAN be, ends up becoming a forum for complaints, beauty affirmation, and simply things that aren't that fulfilling.

Are there any teens on this site that share the same disappointment. I wish FB was more of a place where I could share my ideas with friends...

That's why I love this site, but I just have to know how many teens are cruising around this site?


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    Jul 17 2012: Then I guess I'm similar to you. The average things kids at my school talk about don't really interest me at all and seems to just be repetitive. It seems like all anybody cares about is video games and making disgusting jokes all the time. Not to mention the fact that everybody tries to act "gangster". It really is sad to watch this generation and my fellow student's go down the drain for such stupid reasons. Although, most of you are 15 or older and I'm only 13 so I probably don't qualify for this conversation.
    • Aug 2 2012: I am only 14 and starting loving TED when I was twelve. Im also tired of my classmates conversations, just fashion and movie stars and everyone tries to act as if they were better than the other. I often think there must be a topic revolution so they just stop talking about superficial stuff, but yeah it wont happen so meanwhile I will feel myself confortable with who I am and the most of all, be part of these amazing teenagers that we all are... ThereĀ“s people like me everywhere, thats a huge relief.
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        Aug 2 2012: It really is annoying isn't it. What's even worse, is that I see other intelligent kids get sucked into the whole "gangster" /"fashion" trend and they start to ruin themselves as well. I just tell myself that it's people like you and me that make the future work. That's what keeps me buy. I also want to go to Harvard someday, but that may be big wishing. Never the less, that hope is what keeps me curious and willing to learn. In case you were wondering, since you are Chilean, Harvard is the best, top of the line university in the United States. Who knows, maybe my wish will come true. I live in a small town, so there aren't to many people like me, but there are still some and that's also another factor that keeps me going.
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          Aug 3 2012: It's best not to worry what other young people are wearing. Clothes and hair are typically not good predictors of what is happening between their ears.In terms of Harvard, kids come from small towns and big cities, from public schools and private schools...If that's your aim, just keep thinking, stay open-minded, and try not to get arrogant.

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