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Are there any teens on this site?

I ask this because I am a 17 year old frustrated by her old habits. It's summer and I can admit to having many idle days sitting in front of my computer, bored. So bored as I am, I often resort to FB (facebook), which as great as it CAN be, ends up becoming a forum for complaints, beauty affirmation, and simply things that aren't that fulfilling.

Are there any teens on this site that share the same disappointment. I wish FB was more of a place where I could share my ideas with friends...

That's why I love this site, but I just have to know how many teens are cruising around this site?


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  • Aug 1 2012: This story sounds horribly familiar for me. I am 17, I'm half way through summer and I already feel I've wasted far too much time on Facebook or Youtube. I suppose we are just looking for something to do that will kill time and requires no effort. Given the chance to do anything we choose to do not very much at all. Its almost quite sad that in the summer in which I have time to make plans and do things, I'm sat in front of my computer screen looking at teenage melodrama unfolding live on Facebook.

    So you can imagine my relief at finding TED. The kind of place where people come together to share ideas and knowledge, not just cheap laughs or drama in comments. Where intelligence is celebrated and its users all seem to have a genuine interest in their world. I couldn't agree more with Dejay: This has reaffirmed my faith in humanity. We are the future of world and if there are more like i see in these conversation, people with a passion for knowledge and learning, then the future is indeed bright. People of TED I salute you.
    • Aug 2 2012: Totally agree with you, my friends think its wierd to like to hear talks, and often tell me I am too inteligent to handle so this didnt only reafirm my faith in humanity, it also did with my faith in my self.

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