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Are there any teens on this site?

I ask this because I am a 17 year old frustrated by her old habits. It's summer and I can admit to having many idle days sitting in front of my computer, bored. So bored as I am, I often resort to FB (facebook), which as great as it CAN be, ends up becoming a forum for complaints, beauty affirmation, and simply things that aren't that fulfilling.

Are there any teens on this site that share the same disappointment. I wish FB was more of a place where I could share my ideas with friends...

That's why I love this site, but I just have to know how many teens are cruising around this site?


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  • Jul 30 2012: Yeah, the summer does tend to be quite boring and FB doesn't really provide a respite from it for me as well- that's probably the reason I deleted my account. For me the summer tends to be quite boring, but not really all too different from regular life. At uni I also find the lack of intelligent conversation quite.... disturbing, the few groups that tend to have deeper thinkers also tend to be filled with very dull people, not stupid but dull. Its the same thing when I view comments on sites like YouTube, Reddit, forums, etc. quite intelligent people, but a lot of the same boring things. There isn't that feeling of originality, or ingenuity, besides what you gain from simple academic study, in their comments and discussions. Yeah, so back to the FB thing, like many of the previous posters: the idea of FB sounds like a great way too stave off boredom, but the reality isn't so (or at least as far as I have seen). Anyways as Deejay said "We may be a minority, but we have the ability to come together, WORK together and to make a difference!
    So thank you TED, and thank you 'nature's: law of attraction' for bringing me to minds like myself.
    And thank y'all for existing ^_^ ".

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