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Are there any teens on this site?

I ask this because I am a 17 year old frustrated by her old habits. It's summer and I can admit to having many idle days sitting in front of my computer, bored. So bored as I am, I often resort to FB (facebook), which as great as it CAN be, ends up becoming a forum for complaints, beauty affirmation, and simply things that aren't that fulfilling.

Are there any teens on this site that share the same disappointment. I wish FB was more of a place where I could share my ideas with friends...

That's why I love this site, but I just have to know how many teens are cruising around this site?


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  • Jul 16 2012: im like 13 and my dads like go to TED and im like OK wHERE IS HE and hes like IN THE INTERNET
    me: OK WHATS THE wEBSITE and mydad leaves for some reason and then i ask my brother WHATS TEDS WEBSITE and hes like TED.com me: :/ im so stupid
    anyway is this place for nerds? im on facebook but ya it gets boring cuz my friends are kind of CRAZY and most of them are koreans but i like crazy people so ya is this place for nerds i really dont know what to do here cuz my dad said go to this website and research so i cud get like 300 euros peer month to get the nokia lumia 900 XD i need to work hard :P god whatever what do we do here anyway

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