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Gravitational Economics

(Note: I do not posess a formal education, please refrain from pedagogical attacks as I am "unarmed.") It begins with a friend in college 20 years ago, he speculated on the idea of the "Black Hole Theory" of money. Simply put it deals with entrenched capital or "Mattress Money" and its effect on the economy. The reference was to the black hole that money seems to fall into in society when, for example, individuals with capital hoard it and prevent its circulation, hence "Mattress Money." His general idea was that an individual with hoarded money still effects the flow of capital around them. Money must flow in order to have value. My thought turned to physics. Black holes affect space around them but are invisable. Gravity makes this possible.
"The wealthy get wealthier, the poor get poorer" This expresses the general view of the flow of capital. I believe that some of the equations found in the field of physics could be adapted to analyze this and understand the dynamics. Money is governed by the principle of gravity. This is not just capital gains, investment or interest or any other mechanism for static capital growth. This would be an analysis of the movement of money through society and its effect. For example: the wealthy are constantly being courted. This may involve gifts or significant discounts (or free) products and services. This would constitute the "pull" of capital gravity on people, activities and money. This could be viewed as an extension of the "Canadian Disease" (an economic term). While I understand it, I have not the skills to realize it.


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  • Jul 7 2012: No! not a culprit! a man of his times, not ours. I speak only of the nature of economics at a time in U.S. history when the twentyth century was forming. As to the relative "moral" or "ethical" nature of anything, I am a very firm Cultural Relativist. If you say its unethical then it is, for you. I do not question or raise issue with this. In the U.S. corporate espionage is a crime, under certain circumstances as is price fixing. However, I will see what I can find on those references you requested. Shall I message you directly with the information or just post a reference here?
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      Jul 7 2012: my ethics don't change with time, but my point was that he is not a culprit even by today's standards, if you get your logic and facts right.

      about the references, as you like. but please filter them throughly. i hate wasting time on unreliable and unclear articles. i've seen way too many of them.

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