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If you could choose one trait a role model has and incorporate it into your self-being, what would it be?

After watching Steve Jobs talk about living before you die, I was shockingly reminded that he fulfilled his wish: he lived before he died. This made me want to have his determination, innovation, and ingenuity as my own, to create and discover new things. I thought further. What if I had Stanley Kubrick's visionary, or the eye of Ansel Adams, or the honesty of ol' Abe. Anything. What would you want?

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    Jul 7 2012: The gift of clarity.
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    Jul 6 2012: I think it might be a sort of visceral confidence that I often observe in people who succeed. I am not sure whether it helps them from within or influences those beyond themselves who have the power to shape their world. One thing I think I lost big time when I had the strokes post surgery was a sense of personal confidence.
  • Jul 6 2012: I would want the opposite of envy (not sure what the actual term is), but I hate having this "grass is always greener" mentality ingrained in me.

    I just want to be happy/content with what I have, and not have that feeling of jealousy when I see someone who has something better.
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      Jul 6 2012: Are you saying, Mikey, that you think it is less productive to wish for someone's trait that seems distant from what you will ever be and more productive to work in the direction of being where you want to be?

      Perhaps your opposite of envy is being happy for the admirable traits others have while also being happy for the admirable traits you have and making the most of them.
      • Jul 7 2012: very well said Fritzie, couldn't have said it better myself :)
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      Jul 7 2012: Mikey, is it materialistic want that you are talking about? I have come to realize that what I have suits my individually. It is mine, and therefore is something to be wanted.

      Maybe you're looking to have it all, but perhaps take a step back and admire the things you have, the connections you have with these things, and the feelings or background stories to them.