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A new way to distribute copyrighted digital material (music, art, movies, ect)

Considering the problems with online piracy, and the illegal distribution of digital content, how can we make the creation of said material have a value that can benefit its creator(s) whether its obtained legally or not. Now this doesn't have to be money. It could be anything that provides some kind of support structure to allow said artist/entertainer/designer to continue creating.

  • Jul 7 2012: Mr. Pauli stated what I was thinking better than I can. If you are Steinbeck or Dickens worry about copyrights and other such things. I admire the computger and tech people on Ted who try to help and move fast with open sourse intellectual property. If one is unknown as most of us are, why bother with intellectual property if your creativity and the idea is the thing. Be Dickens or Steinbeck or Faulkner First. We still read Marcus Arielius, and maybe his Mediations somewhat accomodate for Commodus his son who became emperor
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    Jul 7 2012: The concept of 'intellectual property' corrupt the concept which I prefer of a rich 'public domain'. As I also see the need for the creative people to make a living, I would propose them to be granted a claim on a government budget of their contribution to public domain. This was to be related on popularity, also - if ever - its change over time and reasonable compared to the creation of goods. I do not see any other way than this but to cut the freedom of all users of the internet for the need of a view. This I don't wan't, as this technology was used for other purposes as well...