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Will or Can "Open Hardware" replace Capitalism, or at least be the leading drive for people to continue living instead of making just money?

Cesar Harada did an amazing job on his presentation of his new invention!

It was jamm packed with so many different ideas that melded into a hot pot of

Open Hardware was one of my favorite aspects of his presentation.

Will Open Hardware catch on, or will large company/mob mentality deem it unprofitable?

Can we as a collective group change this outdated mentality that people need to be tricked into giving their money out, and let the product actually sell itself?


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    Jul 29 2012: The short answer is NO but the long answer is YES. Just change Open Hardware to Open Source Everything. What people are just starting to realize is that all the Opens are isolated from one another. When you demand Open Access, Open Cloud, Open Data, Open Government, Open Meetings, Open Records, and Open Standards, and you implement not just Open Software and Open Hardware but also OpenBTS and Open Spectrum, now you have a revolution, a real transformation. I am about to post a piece I am doing for Open Innovation site, making this point. Your question has been included in tonight's Open Source Everything Highlights, the short URL to the stack is http://tinyurl.com/OSE-ALL. My new inexpensive pocketbook (Amazon recommended), THE OPEN SOURCE EVERYTHING MANIFESTO: Transparency, Truth & Trust, makes this case. The short URL to both free stuff and online ordering options is http://tinyurl.com/OSE-Steele.

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