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Will or Can "Open Hardware" replace Capitalism, or at least be the leading drive for people to continue living instead of making just money?

Cesar Harada did an amazing job on his presentation of his new invention!

It was jamm packed with so many different ideas that melded into a hot pot of

Open Hardware was one of my favorite aspects of his presentation.

Will Open Hardware catch on, or will large company/mob mentality deem it unprofitable?

Can we as a collective group change this outdated mentality that people need to be tricked into giving their money out, and let the product actually sell itself?


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  • Jul 29 2012: Some of these comments are troubling. Altruism can be a good trait, but only if it stems from a logical self-interest that concludes that, for a particular reason, helping the other person also benefits you. Cesar Harada did not idealize a non-profit as a symbol of almighty altruism, but, instead, rearranged priorities because of his better understanding of reality. The people he collaborates with realize that they and everyone on Earth profit most from preserving the world they live in, as Jon and a few others have pointed out.

    Profit does not mean larger amounts of a particular currency, it means a greater return of whatever it is they value. I profit from seeing my friends and colleagues smile. Smiling people don't murder. I share with them to make them smile. Smiling people share with me. Cesar and his team just don't value as highly the mechanism of exchange money allows. They profited without the proxy we call money.

    But, people, please, don't go around saying this is a non-profit that teaches to value money less, because what you really mean to say, in words much vaguer than these, is that this should be an enterprise that gets nothing back to the people who've created it. That is a very cruel wish.
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      Jul 29 2012: That is true. It is the product/service/individual that sells and the mentality is what should be changed. Positivity gets profit that leaves everyone with a smile, but it is when someone wants to prevent something from happening that is positive because it won't be profitable, then that is how it can be detrimental to everyone. Example: Someone I recently was speaking to said that "If my pharmaceutical company found the cure to AIDs I would withhold it from the public because I would lose profit", that really irked me. What this person said has probably happened before in different scenarios and that is what needs to changed. Humanity comes before making more physically tangible currency.

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