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Will or Can "Open Hardware" replace Capitalism, or at least be the leading drive for people to continue living instead of making just money?

Cesar Harada did an amazing job on his presentation of his new invention!

It was jamm packed with so many different ideas that melded into a hot pot of

Open Hardware was one of my favorite aspects of his presentation.

Will Open Hardware catch on, or will large company/mob mentality deem it unprofitable?

Can we as a collective group change this outdated mentality that people need to be tricked into giving their money out, and let the product actually sell itself?


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    Jul 14 2012: Another great idea from this talk is putting profits last. One thing future generations will take seriously is that quality of life is worth more than money. Happiness indexes affirm what I have found personally– that moving into a life of creativity and service produces a drastic cut in pay, greater happiness and a more meaningful life. What it doesn't account for is what happens to the social environment. As demonstrated in Harada's talk, when one concentrates on creating ideas for a better world, EVERYONE benefits. What could possibly mean more to one lying on their deathbed than to know that one has contributed to the betterment of the planet?

    This kind of attitude emanates from a vision of a world of abundance rather than one of scarcity. When we are afraid of losing what we have we become cornered animals locked in protection mode. But when we are confident of a world of abundance, sharing, a characteristic that separates civilization from natural tribalism, becomes much more important than hoarding.

    One day we will all share in a great creative flurry at the roundtable of social evolution. Until then it will be a very few individuals who drive evolution by selflessly giving of their talents and ideas for the benefit not of a higher standard of living but of a higher quality of life. And I think we will find them to be among the happiest people in the world!

    I think we can do the same thing with democracy itself:

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