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Are you prepared for Impact?

There comes a time...or many times, that you fail. Some are epic failures, those life altering game changers that almost take you out.

My question is simply, are you prepared for Impact? Having a back up, a plan b....not talking about life insurance.....the real stuff. The stuff of Randy Pausch, the are you thinking ahead when the glimmer of something taking you out is on the horizon. Maybe you didn't listen to the red flags, or you got into the car with the gal that had too much to drink.......or you trusted someone with your life savings.

Are you prepared to pick up the pieces and chart another course?


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    Aug 5 2012: Feyisayo,
    You are right on. It's not the situation at hand...the impact itself. How ado we prepare ourselves to have the brain space and heart space to wade through the inevitable.

    Thank you

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