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Are you prepared for Impact?

There comes a time...or many times, that you fail. Some are epic failures, those life altering game changers that almost take you out.

My question is simply, are you prepared for Impact? Having a back up, a plan b....not talking about life insurance.....the real stuff. The stuff of Randy Pausch, the are you thinking ahead when the glimmer of something taking you out is on the horizon. Maybe you didn't listen to the red flags, or you got into the car with the gal that had too much to drink.......or you trusted someone with your life savings.

Are you prepared to pick up the pieces and chart another course?

  • Jul 6 2012: I definitely don't think I'm prepared, in the sense that I have a contingency plan for the different "impacts", failures, etc that may occur.

    But I'd like to think that I am prepared to play the cards that are dealt to me, whatever those cards are. Just pick myself up, go with the flow, and keep fighting if need be.

    There's a boxing/fighting-related saying I like, someting along the lines of:

    When you get punched in the face, and it hurts like hell, that's a good thing. It means you're still alive. So keep punching.
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    Jul 6 2012: I sure wasn't!
    However, the good news is that as long as you are alive you still have a chance. My doctor was astounded when I walked into his office the other day without the aid of a walker. He postulated that drive and optimism created this outcome - I have to say, yes, I worked very hard, took responsibility for my well being and would not settle for the meager corner of a life that was predicted.- but I think human beings are astoundingly and wonderfully made and that if we cooperate to the best of our ability we never know what might happen. i have seen some astounding miracles amongpeople who were fully unprepared for what happened to them.
    Can we even imagine what would have occurred if we were prepared?
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    Aug 5 2012: Feyisayo,
    You are right on. It's not the situation at hand...the impact itself. How ado we prepare ourselves to have the brain space and heart space to wade through the inevitable.

    Thank you
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    Aug 5 2012: It is almost impossible to prepare for certain harsh and sudden realities of life.
    Pain, sorrows and losses are real and fatal in their impact. No amount of preparation would make them any easier to bear.

    But that is what makes us human. It is not mainly about our preparation. It is about our readiness to accept that we dont have absolute power, but we do have some powers.
    And sometimes the little difference we can make, could make a huge difference.
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    Jul 8 2012: Howdy Sarah
    When I was young and alone didn't care about the risk much like you. Maybe I shouldn't be here now or have a lot more cash but I had a good time. Then of course wife and kids played it very close to the vest. I never put myfamily at risk but I learned a lot before them. The most import thing I never went agaist my gut or my dog. When we were in bssiness I had a dog went with me every where and if he didn't like you I walked away. Had customers call the office and complain it fell on deaf ears my wife was the one how ran it.
    I don't know how to prepare as much as keep my mouth shut and ears open. Then I have a pretty good recall of things I hear and I also learnd to ask the same question different ways to trip people up and drop there gaurd. My only other thing was comeing head on from there blind side they always forget the lie they told. The domino effect is always redirected if the one that starts it is not the one who set it up. I always remember I don't care who get embaressed or hurt as long as it is not me or mine. If they were on the level then they have to be embaressed or hurt .
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      Jul 8 2012: of the best things we can do.
      Keep on keep on Dean.
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    Jul 7 2012: Hello sarah
    I've been kicked in the a** so many times in my time walking around I can honestly say no I don't. I have tried to have a back up never once worked out that way. So I decided many moons ago pu sh foward with my plan and when it exxplodes duck then resume your forward motion. I would advise anyone to leit lie were it lands and don't just walk on and remember any lesson learned.
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      Jul 7 2012: Whatever you want to call it, failure....being kicked in the ass, it can take you down and take you out. My own experience has been the 1st failure was not listening to my intuition. Those red flags, the tiny whisperer voice. The best we can do, is exactly what you said, pick up and move forward or at least sideways until forward motion is possible. We keep going to that turbulent river when we do not learn, listen and are unprepared. Just as you would study for a prepare. Personally I am a risk taker. This did not have as much weight when I did not have children. I prepared before for impact, was willing to risk a lot. Now I prepare even harder so when I bet against the house, it is not a domino effect.

      Would love to know some more about what you learned and how you proceeded differently the "next" time.
      Thank you so much for your input.
  • Jul 7 2012: I must confess that I myself do not prepare much in these bad situations. Perhaps the reason is I'm too young and do not have to think a lot. Sometimes, I feel immature. I try to find job, event part- time, which just wants to prove " I am now an adult".
    But day by day, week by week, month by month, I start going into the real world. I have more experiences coping with these. I believe gradually the young girl like me will be more & more mature. ( of course, wiser )
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      Jul 7 2012: Love love love.
      As an old bird, you are never to young to start preparing. The young voice in me is always louder saying get out, see the world, are unattached. You are already will just keep getting more clear. Learning about yourself, what you not like doing will help with preparing for impact. Mitigating these can help you bounce back whether from a broken heart or something equally as hurtful.
      You are wise. Keep on keep on.
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    Jul 6 2012: Standing ovation!
    I feel like there is a choice when something knocks us out, even if we are sorely unprepared, get up and fight or let it get worse. It will get worse.
    Being physically strong is a great step to help with injury. Working towards that place in your mind you are your best.
    Doing what you need to be financially fit. This goes a long way for the physical and mental.

    Way to go Debra!!!