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World peace is unattainable - and to think otherwise is naive

Is it just me, or does anyone else cringe whenever someone talks about "world peace"?

It always reminds me of a beauty pageant where the contestants naively wish for "world peace", without much thought into how, or even why?

What exactly does "world peace" mean? No wars, no fighting, no conflict at all, whatsoever? Everybody loves each other, and accepts each other?

As long as personal conflict exists, there will never be world peace. Wars are built from the ground up. Fighting over scarce resources, territory, food, mate (husband/wife) is inevitable.



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  • Jul 7 2012: You can choose to focus on positive anything. As soon as males and females acknowledge their equality to each other and the equality of females and males is manifested in society, there will be world peace. Power to the positive!
    • Jul 8 2012: I don't think it's that simple.

      Even if we had pure gender equality, differences still exist that will be a potential cause of conflict. Religion. Culture. Colour. Language.

      And positive thinking is not always an easy choice. Where's the positivity in seeing your loved ones massacred, because they were born into a certain religion?
      • Jul 8 2012: Mikey, religions are perfect examples of the cause and manifestation of the gender inequality problem. Consider the status of women within all the religions of which you are aware. Same for culture. The gender inequality problem is the heart of the cultural, religious, political and all societal problems. It's quite explicit. Not the least bit subtle. The sooner we acknowledge the truth, the sooner we co-create a just, healthy, happy society for all.
        • Jul 8 2012: What about race?
        • Jul 8 2012: Rhona pavis: you are right, it is inposseble for us to agree in gender eguality. because go back to your own culture or your religious, you will see that women play a very big role in our socity, but god create them to be by men for a reason if needed you will say.
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        Jul 8 2012: Hi Mikey,
        Positive thinking IS simple, enjoyable, possible AND realistic:>) ANYTHING can be a "potential cause of conflict" depending on how individuals perceive the situation.....yes?

        You recognize positive thinking as a choice.....I LOVE it!!!
        • Jul 8 2012: that is what many are lacking in our socity today. they think very negetive and very selfish
      • Jul 8 2012: What about race? Race is a continuum. Racial discrimination will disappear as soon as males and females have equality throughout all societal systems, because that means truth and justice prevail and social systems can then start working efficiently and effectively to accomplish the goals they are supposed to accomplish.
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        Jul 8 2012: I suggest that generally, when people are prejudice, they are not simply prejudice against one particular group of people. They are often prejudice against people who are not like them, and that may include gender, religion, culture, colour, language, sexual orientation, etc. etc.

        So, I agree Rhona, that when gender discrimination decreases, we may see a change regarding other types of discrimination as well.

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