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World peace is unattainable - and to think otherwise is naive

Is it just me, or does anyone else cringe whenever someone talks about "world peace"?

It always reminds me of a beauty pageant where the contestants naively wish for "world peace", without much thought into how, or even why?

What exactly does "world peace" mean? No wars, no fighting, no conflict at all, whatsoever? Everybody loves each other, and accepts each other?

As long as personal conflict exists, there will never be world peace. Wars are built from the ground up. Fighting over scarce resources, territory, food, mate (husband/wife) is inevitable.



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  • Jul 8 2012: i realy suport your idea, but the problem is today people dont teach what hemanity means to us, because if we seprate our names, our houses, our homes, our communities, our nations, ontill our cantinents. what will make us to be as one is to love each other and help each other and hair our cultures. i mean we are one, so there should be no different in any way.

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