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Ignorance Plagues Progress: Finding New Avenues to End It

Ignorance is the anchor that drags on progress. Technology's rapid advance in less than a handful of decades has created a social, religious and political backlash. Ignorance is not stupidity. Some of the most educated people in the world have been some of the most willfully ignorant. With 5 in 10 adult Americans barely able to read and write, and nearly 9 in 10 exhibiting varying degrees of difficulty in synthesizing information, 2 in 10 taking in any kind of non-entertainment news, how do those who propose to advance humanity "catch up" the vast majority of the planet to become broader, more rational thinkers?


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  • Aug 3 2012: Seeing as everyone seems to agree that ignorance spreads due to influence from ignorant parents or because of an ineffective educational system, I want to give my opinion as a student (please forgive my grammar, I am not fond of the English language). I think that the educational system in america would need to be entirely redone to fix all the issues we have, but seeing as this would be incredibly difficult, we should most likely start by having the elementary and middle schools teach everything they can on each subject instead of teaching explicitly what is on federal and state examinations like the S.A.T., F.C.A.T., T.A.K.S., and allow children to have discussion type classes (this would be most prevalent in middle school and would hopefully promote an interest to learn on ones own as well). We should also get rid of Tenure, or at the very least make it how it is for university professors (they need to be evaluated as opposed to simply working for 2-3 years).

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