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Working children: should we prohibit, permit or promote it.

For many years various international institutions (such as Unesco or the goverment) have fought against child labor, saying it is a way to exploit them. But since 1976 in Peru there is an organization of children and adolescents who are clamoring for their right to work, ensuring that through work they can get different skills, knowledge and social abilities.

* What is your personal position on this issue that concerns us all, in one way or another?
* If you were the minister of labor in your country, what position would you have to child labor.


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    Jul 9 2012: I think children should be free to work if they want to.

    But the roadblock here is, in this day and age, children are not looked at a full citizens capable of paving their own paths.

    Many, if not most, children are dependent on their guardians to have their best interests in mind. And for many guardians, what the child wants is not what the guardian feels is in the child's best interest... and the guardians are speaking from their own interests.

    I think strengthening and redefining children's rights is a necessity and deeply intertwined with your question... because currently, the majority of the world values consumerism above all else. So, if children and adolescents can't work for themselves then they are seen as less than in society.

    I was lucky to have parents that asked, and asked often, what I wanted as a child and were helpful when I started working in my early teens. I worked as a choreographer and teaching assistant. Jobs that fully informed who I am today, how I learn and how I now advocate for my son.
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      Jul 9 2012: Thank you for your point of view.
      I also think that we should permit it, with all the vigilance and rights that it should represents.
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      Jul 12 2012: Jess! What a well considered and expressed answer!
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        Jul 12 2012: Thank you, Said and Debra. This is one of my first conversations at TED. Thank you for such an interesting proposal and supportive responses.

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