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Working children: should we prohibit, permit or promote it.

For many years various international institutions (such as Unesco or the goverment) have fought against child labor, saying it is a way to exploit them. But since 1976 in Peru there is an organization of children and adolescents who are clamoring for their right to work, ensuring that through work they can get different skills, knowledge and social abilities.

* What is your personal position on this issue that concerns us all, in one way or another?
* If you were the minister of labor in your country, what position would you have to child labor.


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  • Jul 12 2012: I vote for Right to work.As far as I am concerned, working is not a crime.
    Some children wants to study but some other don't have interest in studies.If I were the minister I would see every child have minimum education with which they can live with better standards.I will not only take care on education their interests are also given priority.After having the minimum education then choice will be left with the children that they want to continue their studies or not.I will encourage them to work to give the financial support to their families,I mean part-time jobs.this is the choice of children to work or not.They should not be forced to do.
    I will not encourage child labor in the sense that they are not allowed to work for the whole without having studies since studies are given top priority.
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      Jul 12 2012: Work is not a crime in north American and in many countries but we still live in a world where unscrupulous people can take our words as permission for heinous acts like slavery and child expliotation. Do you think only the good guys use technology for warnings of what is against their inteersts?
      And how do you integrate the reality that kids who work in highschool - while often brighter but poorer - do not get the grade results that would get them into the 'best schools" and by that I hope you read the schools that would get them onto the easier roads through networking leaving these bright and capable human beings to manage their local walmart.
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      Jul 12 2012: Here! Here!
      (knocking on the table)

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