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Working children: should we prohibit, permit or promote it.

For many years various international institutions (such as Unesco or the goverment) have fought against child labor, saying it is a way to exploit them. But since 1976 in Peru there is an organization of children and adolescents who are clamoring for their right to work, ensuring that through work they can get different skills, knowledge and social abilities.

* What is your personal position on this issue that concerns us all, in one way or another?
* If you were the minister of labor in your country, what position would you have to child labor.


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  • Jul 6 2012: I believe that there is a great value in kids labor. The value, of course, is the kids' themselves. The contribution of it is so important; only through struggles kids (or human beings in general) would acquire confidence, self-esteem, respect to the other and to themselves. Also, once you need to work for something, you understand that it has value. How would you appreciate something that you get with no conditions? A kid who has a responsibility on the shoulders would find it much easier to lead himself later in life.
    Needless to say,I'm not referring to a tough work (we don't want our kids tortured, after all), rather a role which would give a kid the sense of responsibility.

    With that being said, if I was the minister of labor in my country, I would enable kids labor, but only to those who truly interested in that.
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      Jul 7 2012: Exactly, might it extend to convicts as well?

      One of the problems is that kids want to contribute and the parents train them not to do this or that because they will break something so after being told not do this or that they are trained not to this or that and when the kid becomes a teenagers the parents wonder why the kid won't do anything.
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      Jul 7 2012: I completely agree with everything you just said. Lia Kohelet.
      Something I loved about your speech, is it as being directed towards the pleasure that work can produce to the child, and also the benefits in the short, medium and long term he/she will get. Putting aside the economic factor or the enforcement by their parents.
      • Jul 7 2012: Thank you, Said. I'm happy I could help.

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