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Higgs Boson, Intelligent Design?

What is the glue that holds all things together?

  • Jul 13 2012: I'm my opinion, this discovery - Higgs Boson - is about matter, substance, so it doesn't deny the existence of a Designer/ Creator. Once you have a piece of wood (raw matter), and working with it you can give beauty and function to it. The raw matter doesn't "talk" about a creator, that role is given to the ability of Function of the final piece. The world is full of Function. Everything has its function.
    ADN is information that organizes matter, we, people, are "origami" made out of proteins. Mechanisms full of Function. For me all of that speaks to me about an intelligent mind behind the harmony on physics rules, bosons, electrons, atoms, molecules, ADN, proteins, tissues, bones, flesh, vegetables systems. It's so fulfilled of intelligence, and complexity, that it's hard for me to imagine matter (raw) organizing itself, by itself in the way the universe is organized. I compare that with the complexity of -> me, typing on this html code web page, created by one or several minds, who organized raw digital information ("1" or "0" - "electric pulse" or "absence of electrical pulse") in a way that I can now type in this text box. I can see Intelligent Design, and an Intelligent Designer, just by taking a look on the way I'm built, plenty of Function.
    Now multi plicate that complexity by two (male and female), and multi-plicate the chance of a system with two genders be able to communicate (share information, ADN, and reproduce. And now, this is applied to the bio diversity of the planet. Just too much Function, to imagine life coming from random chance. Just to think about...
  • Jul 22 2012: The existance of this particle, for me, proves that Einstein was wrong when he says "Matter can not be created nor destroyed only transformed". Mater is the iteraction between something, lets called Black matter" with apparently this Higgs Bloson particle (I prefer the name "genesis" particle). The higher the iteraction with this particle the bigger the effect of what we call "mass". Lets call this effect "Genesis Permeability". At some point on the gravitational field on a black hole the gravity force is so high that the particles colapses and loose its genesis permeability and loose its mass type characteristics. The galaxies are more faster not because the acceleration is changing, is because the mass is changing. The relation between quantum and reletivity now makes sense for me.
  • Jul 21 2012: Higgs Boson is very weird. It is more than glue for the mass. The universe has mass due to this particle. Check
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    Jul 20 2012: I believe we are on the verge of exploring other dimensions. We are already 'hearing' color and can see the sound of music. Exciting!
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    Jul 9 2012: Thank you for your responses. Electrostatic force...Higgs Boson... Pink Fairies... whatever the truth is....can we all agree in our existence, the existence of the known universe and the new dawn of exploring beyond?
  • Jul 6 2012: No
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    Jul 6 2012: Higgs Boson, Pink Fairies?
    Same answer as your question I guess.
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    Jul 6 2012: No.
  • Jul 6 2012: no
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    Jul 5 2012: The electrostatic force.
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    Jul 5 2012: no
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    Jul 5 2012: I am not a physicist, but the Higgs boson has nothing to do with intelligent design. The Higgs boson, as I understand it, is the missing piece in the standard model of physics in the sense that it may address one specific unanswered question that needed to be answered for the model to be considered complete. Specifically, there had not been a good explanation of why particles have mass (kind of like weight). The theory that the Higgs is part of offers an explanation that there is a field (kind of like a magnetic field but not a magnetic field) that particles move through. Particles that have negligible interaction with the field as they move through have little mass. Particles that interact with the field a lot as they move through have large mass. The Higgs boson offers evidence that that field exists and lends weight to that explanation of mass.

    It isn't the glue that holds everything together. It just answers the last of a set of questions that together define what is called the Standard Model.

    Biut the Standard Model does not offer a complete picture of the universe. After confirmation of the Higgs, the field of particle physics moves into a set of questions that together are called "beyond the standard model."

    Again, I am not a physicist, but perhaps a real physicist will provide further elaboration. I expect sites like CERN's own, Scientific American, Science Daily...will all within a couple of days have posted good explanations written by scientists for a lay audience.
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      Jul 9 2012: Thank you for your thoughtful response, I will be following the discovery.